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    Construction jobs are known for being physically demanding and dangerous. Accidents can happen if construction sites are not kept safe, and injuries might be severe.

    Construction accidents may vary based on the kind of work being performed, the tools involved, and the general nature of the job. Some common accidents include falls, caught-betweens, defective equipment, and hazards or unsafe conditions. When suing for damages, it is important to determine who should be held liable and what kind of damages you can claim. Liability is often complicated, as there might be numerous parties to blame for an accident. Evidence for your case might involve physical evidence, security camera videos, and witness testimony.

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    How Construction Accidents and Injuries Can Happen in Pennsylvania

    Some of the most common accidents on construction sites are falls. Workers on top of ladders, scaffolding, roofs, or other high places might fall and be severely injured. If the ladder, scaffolding, or other equipment keeping you aloft was defective or other unsafe conditions caused the fall, you might have a lawsuit on your hands.

    Caught-betweens are another common construction site accident that refers to various crushing accidents. For example, if caught between a wall and a forklift, you could be crushed and badly hurt. Our construction accident and injury lawyers can help you determine if someone should be held responsible for your injuries.

    Many accidents are caused by defective equipment or machinery. Power tools, heavy machinery, and various pieces of electrical or mechanical equipment are common on construction sites. If any of these tools or equipment are defective or faulty, they could injure the worker trying to use them.

    Although construction sites are usually considered dangerous places, they should be safe enough for workers to do their jobs. Unsafe conditions that workers are not warned about can cause serious accidents and injuries. For example, a worker on top of a roof needs to know if water damage has made the roof unstable in certain places. If they are not warned, or the roof is not fixed before work commences, the worker could fall through and be injured.

    Suing for Damages After a Construction Accident in Pennsylvania

    After a construction accident, you can speak with our construction accident and injury lawyers about filing a lawsuit for damages. Numerous facets of a lawsuit must be dealt with, and two of the most important facets are whom to sue and the damages to claim.


    Liability is a complex issue in construction accident cases because numerous parties might be responsible. Depending on the circumstances, an injured worker might sue general contractors, subcontractors, or property owners. Not only that, but injured general contractors and subcontractors might also be injured and be able to sue.

    General contractors are often hired directly by property owners and oversee the construction project on a larger scale. General contractors often need to hire numerous subcontractors to perform more specific jobs on the construction project. An injured subcontractor might sue the general contractor who hired them after an accident.

    Alternatively, an injured worker might have been hired by a subcontractor. In that case, the subcontractor might be the one to hold liable in a lawsuit. A significant determining factor is who had control over the job. When general contractors hire subcontractors, the subcontractors often control how and when they do their jobs, and general contractors have little say in the matter. In such cases, subcontractors can be sued. However, if the general contractor retained control over the job, you might sue them instead.

    Suppose there are unsafe conditions or hazards on the property that the property owner failed to repair or remove before construction commenced. In that case, injured workers can sue for injured related to those unsafe conditions. Also, property owners sometimes like to have control over the construction project and might supervise your work. In such cases, they can be sued for accidents and injuries.


    Damages represent the losses and injuries you experienced because of the construction accident. Often, damages are measured in money and compensation, although many are subjective and might not necessarily come at a financial cost. Our construction accident and injury lawyers can help you calculate damages and maximize compensation.

    Economic damages are often measured in dollar amounts. Medical costs are usually one of the biggest factors in economic damages calculations, especially if injuries are severe and require long-term care. You can also claim the value of lost wages if you cannot return to work.

    Non-economic damages are subjective experiences that often do not have an easily determined value. Physical and emotional pain and suffering can be huge factors in a construction accident case, and they deserve considerable compensation. Other examples of non-economic damages might include harm to your reputation or humiliation from the accident.

    Evidence to Support Your Claims in a Pennsylvania Construction Accident Case

    Evidence is vital to any lawsuit, but it is sometimes hard to come by. Physical evidence from the accident may be extremely helpful. For example, if you were injured by a defective tool, we need to obtain that tool to present to a jury and demonstrate how it is defective.

    Many construction projects, especially construction projects on commercial buildings, are monitored by security cameras. Often, these cameras record accidents and may shed light on how you were injured and who was responsible. It is important to act quickly when obtaining this footage, as the videos might easily be deleted.

    Even if physical and other evidence is in short supply, our construction accident and injury attorneys can build a strong case based on witness testimony. Often, construction accidents are witnessed by numerous other workers on the construction site. These workers can testify about what they saw, and we can use their testimony to prove that the defendant should be held liable.

    Our Pennsylvania Construction Accident Lawyers Can Help

    Construction jobs might be risker than the average occupation, but workers should not have to endure serious accidents and injuries. Our construction accident and injury lawyers can help you get compensation. Call The Reiff Law Firm at (215) 709-6940 for a free case review.

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