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Bucks County Hayride Accident Injury Lawyer

Hayrides and tractor pulls are exciting and increasingly popular attractions. Every year as summer winds down and fall and Halloween come into full-swing, there’s a spike in attendance at agritainment businesses that are operated like quasi-amusement parks. Due to this spike in traffic that is highly concentrated in late-September and throughout October, when hayride and tractor pull accidents occur, they often injure a significant number of people.

If you have been seriously injured or if a family member has been wrongfully killed by a hayride or tractor pull, contact the personal injury attorneys of The Reiff Law Firm today. The work to hold accountable operators who cut corners and put profits before safety. Their attorneys can fight to recover compensation for your injuries and other losses.

Bucks County - Bucks County Hayride Accident Injury Lawyer

Why do Hayride Accidents Occur?

Hayrides and tractor pulls typically take place at crowded farms where hundreds or thousands of people converge to participate in the events and activities offered. Typically these events are held at night and since they are located on property that is typically used for farming, the lighting can often be insufficient. In some cases, the vehicle’s driver may attempt to thrill the riders by accelerating abruptly or braking hard. Unfortunately, the consequences of actions like these are not always considered. Riders can fall off the hayride and strike their head on the ground, be run over by the vehicle’s trailer, or become trapped under the vehicle. Other reasons for tractor pull and hayride accidents include:

  • Lack of safety harness or safety gate
  • Rusted belts
  • Failure of safety locks
  • Failure of trailer hitch
  • Improper repair work
  • Wear and tear on the vehicle
  • Overloaded trailer
  • Unbalanced trailer load
  • Violation of laws or safety regulations

The foregoing only represents a small percentage of the possible reasons for hayride and tractor pull accidents. Unfortunately, injury can occur for many other reasons including other types of negligence and disregard for the safety of farm visitors.

Aren’t Hayrides Regulated by the State and US Government?

Unfortunately, and quite shockingly, they are not. Hayrides and tractor pulls are subject to little to no regulation in most states. In Pennsylvania, for example, there is little regulation for trailers weighing less than 3,000 pounds. Throughout our years of investigating and handling hayride and tractor pull suits, we have found that manufacturers often create trails just under the weight threshold to avoid regulation. And unfortunately, there are no restrictions in Pennsylvania against the use of a homemade or modified trailer. In fact, aside from inspecting the vehicle lights and ensuring a VIN confirmation, Pennsylvania inquires into little else regarding trailers. Pennsylvania law is silent as to any design or construction specifications for towing chains or hitches.

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Unfortunately, the regulatory problems are not limited to a lack of safety standards and regulations. The regulatory problems also include the fact that there is no Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) or other agency reporting requirements for accidents of this type. What this means is that the risk of a particular agritainment business is difficult or impossible to assess. Furthermore, consumers are foreclosed from making an informed choice regarding the safest hayride operator available. In such circumstances, it is not surprising that the CPSC believes that tractor pull and hayride accidents have soared in recent years.

Attorneys Handle Hayride and Tractor Pull Accidents for You

If you or a close family member have suffered a serious injury at a tractor pull or hayride, you undoubtedly want to hold those responsible for the injury accountable. We understand that the reasons for injuries of this type are particularly varied so we always perform a complete and thorough investigation. To schedule your free and confidential hayride or tractor pull accident injury consultation, call The Reiff Law Firm at (215) 709-6940 or contact us online.