What to Do if You Were Hit by an Uber or Lyft in Philadelphia
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    What to Do if You Were Hit by an Uber or Lyft in Philadelphia

    When Uber and Lyft began operating, they seemed like a friendlier alternative to taxi cabs.  While many taxis often appear to drive without seeming to care about traffic laws or pedestrian safety, it seemed that Uber and Lyft drivers might be different, especially if their passengers can rate their ride.  However, many drivers seem to have fallen into the same bad habits of taxi drivers.  Pedestrians are often the larges group that suffers injuries from car accidents in big cities like Philadelphia, which has thousands of Uber and Lyft drivers operating on any given day.  If you were hit by an Uber or Lyft driver in Philly, it is important to know what to do next.  If you need help with your case or have any questions, contact the Philadelphia Uber and Lyft car accident lawyers at The Reiff Law Firm today.

    First Steps After Being Hit by an Uber in Philly

    Can accidents can come with incredibly serious injuries.  While these steps are often helpful and incredibly useful when your case goes to court, you should always take your physical safety and well-being into account.  Some of the first things to do after a car accident require you to be able to talk and move about – but if you are too injured to do so, worry about getting medical care first.  Always accept emergency medical services and see if you can leave information collection to the police or a loved one.

    The first step after being hit in a pedestrian-car accident is to call 9-1-1.  The police should respond to any car accident involving personal injury so that they can create a police report, gather information, and potentially investigate whether the driver violated any traffic rules or was driving under the influence during the crash.  In addition, you should request emergency medical services.  If you were injured, you should have EMS workers assess your condition and see if you need further medical intervention at the ER.

    Second, you should collect as much information about the accident as you can.  These kinds of things are all incredibly important pieces of information to have to help build your case:

    • Who was involved? Get their contact information, license information, car information, and car insurance information.
    • Who witnessed the crash? If you can get contact information for potential witnesses, this can help your case later.
    • Where was the accident? Get information about street signs, the position of cars and streets, and other relevant information about the scene.
    • What were the conditions? Get information about road conditions, including weather, lighting, etc.
    • Was there a crosswalk? Gather information about where the accident occurred relative to any nearby crosswalks.
    • Who was following the rules? Write down what you remember about whether the driver used a turn signal, whether there were “No Turn on Red” signs at the intersection, whether you crossed at the corner or in between, and what traffic signals (crossing signs and traffic lights) were lit up at the time.

    If you are too injured to collect this information, have someone do it for you.  In many cases, you may not have a notepad and pen ready to go, so use your phone.  If you need to, record the information by taking as many pictures as you can of the scene and by taking video of yourself, your injuries, and anything else you can get on camera.  Do your best to have these photos show the position of the car relative to the scene of the accident so that someone who was not there can understand what the accident scene looked like, as a whole.

    Get Medical Treatment After an Uber or Lyft Accident

    Getting your injures taken care of is the most important part of the aftermath of an auto accident.  If you are severely injured, go to the hospital and get emergency medical treatment.  Not only will this get you on the path to recovery, but it will also help build potential evidence for your claims.

    Your doctors and other medical staff can testify or create medical records that state what your injuries were, how severe they were, where they were located, what your prognosis is, and other important bits of information.  These medical records and testimony about your accident will become vital later when trying to prove your injuries.

    Talk to an Attorney About Your Pedestrian Accident Injuries

    The Philadelphia personal injury lawyers at The Reiff Law Firm represent injured victims in lawsuits for car accident injuries.  It is important to remember that after an accident, the Uber driver, the Lyft driver, and any accident response teams from these companies are not on your side.  Ultimately, you may be contacted by insurance companies and offered settlements for your case, but it is vital to speak with a Montgomery County car accident attorney before accepting anything.

    It is difficult to know what your case is worth without discussing your options with an experienced West Chester personal injury lawyer.  The Reiff Law Firm’s attorneys have combined decades of experience handling car accident and personal injury cases.  For a free consultation on your case, contact our law offices today at (215) 709-6940.

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