How Much Should a Car Accident Settlement Offer Be for in PA?

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    A car accident is an event that could change a victim’s life forever. After a serious car crash, a victim will likely be concerned about how they could receive compensation from the negligent driver that is responsible for the accident. A car accident settlement is one option that a victim of a crash may consider. If you were injured in a car accident and you are worried about whether the settlement is enough to cover your expenses, you should consult with an experienced Philadelphia car accident lawyer as soon as possible. The Reiff Law Firm has decades of experience litigating a variety of car accident lawsuits, and we would be pleased to help you pursue the compensation that you deserve. Our firm is here to discuss the expected value of a car accident settlement offer in Pennsylvania.

    Determining the Value of a Car Accident Settlement Offer in PA

    It is difficult to place an exact value on a car accident settlement offer. However, there are a variety of factors that could help you estimate the amount of a potential car accident settlement. The following is a list of factors that could help a car accident victim determine the value of their settlement offer.

    The Extent of the Victim’s Injuries

    After a serious car accident, you should be sure to seek medical attention for any injuries that you sustained. When receiving medical attention, you should inform the medical staff of how you acquired your injuries. This could help you document the injuries, which will help you in negotiating a settlement offer.

    It is important to understand the severity of your injuries as this will help you gauge the amount of damages that you are owed. Failing to understand the severity of your injuries could be a serious issue if you require continuing medical treatment that could cost thousands of dollars. For example, if you sustained a fractured hip in a car crash, this injury may require multiple surgeries to correct.

    Damage to the Victim’s Vehicle

    The damage to the victim’s vehicle is another factor that should be considered when determining the value of a car accident settlement. For example, if the victim’s car is no longer operational, they will require funds to replace the vehicle completely. Your insurance company could help you understand whether it would be viable to repair the vehicle rather than replace it.

    Loss of Wages

    Depending on the severity of your injury, you may have to take an extended amount of time from work. As a result, you may miss out on your regular wages for weeks or months while you recover. This could be stressful and troubling for a car accident victim if they have no other means to pay their bills. As a result, you should consider the amount of wages lost when calculating the value of a car accident settlement.

    There are many other factors that could affect the value of a car accident settlement. For instance, if you are no longer capable of performing your favorite activities or your injuries cause intimacy issues with your spouse, this may all be considered when calculating damages.

    However, there are some cases where a victim may not receive the compensation they need from a car accident settlement. When this happens, you should consider filing a personal injury lawsuit against the negligent driver. To learn more about filing a personal injury lawsuit instead of agreeing to a car accident settlement, you should continue reading and contact an experienced Media, PA car accident attorney today.

    Reasons to Consider Car Accident Lawsuit Over a Settlement in PA

    There are many reasons why you should consider a car accident lawsuit instead of a settlement. As mentioned, a victim of a car accident may not get the compensation they need to handle their injuries and losses.

    One reason to consider a car accident lawsuit over a settlement is that the other driver’s insurance policy may not be enough to compensate the victim for their injuries. If the negligent driver has the bare minimum insurance policy on their vehicle, settlement negotiations will not yield a high amount of money.

    Additionally, the insurance company for the other driver may attempt to minimize their liability for the car accident. For example, an insurance claim adjuster may try to suggest that you are partly responsible for the accident. This could allow the insurance company to offer a settlement that is drastically below the actual value of your case.

    The Reiff Law Firm could help you determine the value of your case and assist you in seeking the compensation you deserve in a car accident lawsuit.

    Work with Our Committed Pennsylvania Car Accident Lawyers to Discuss Your Settlement

    If you or a family member was a victim of a car accident and would like to pursue a personal injury lawsuit, you should consult with an experienced Montgomery County car accident attorney today. At the Reiff Law Firm, we believe that victims of car accidents should not have to bear the burden of medical expenses, property damage, and other costs due to the actions of a negligent driver. You do not have to file your car accident case alone; our experienced Abington car accident attorneys are here for you. To schedule a free legal consultation to discuss the details of your case, call the Reiff Law Firm at (215) 709-6940. You may also contact the firm online to schedule your free legal consultation.

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