How to Gather Evidence to Support Your Car Accident Claim in Pennsylvania

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    Learning how to gather evidence that supports your recovery claim following a car accident is important. Our attorneys will investigate your case to uncover proof of a negligent driver’s fault for your injuries.

    Gathering evidence to support your car accident claim starts with contacting the police. In Pennsylvania, certain parts of police reports are admissible in lawsuits. After reporting your accident to the proper authorities, begin building medical evidence of your injuries by going directly to the hospital. Continue to get treatment for your injuries for as long as necessary. Victims can also take photographs at the scene to use as evidence against a negligent driver. Other evidence, like surveillance camera footage and records of lost wages, will also be important. Statements from witnesses, like eyewitnesses and experts, can allow you to meet the burden of proof against a negligent driver in Pennsylvania.

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    Gathering Evidence to Support Your Pennsylvania Car Accident Claim

    Various types of evidence can be used to strengthen a victim’s compensation claim following a car accident in Pennsylvania. These include certain aspects of police reports as well as medical records, photographs, security camera footage, and witness statements. Presenting proof of damages such as lost wages will also be important to your claim.

    Police Reports

    The process of gathering evidence for a car accident lawsuit begins with alerting the police after a crash. In Pennsylvania, all car accidents that result in injury must be reported to law enforcement. Additionally, calling law enforcement officers can create documentation of your accident. Furthermore, certain aspects of police reports, such as the sections that pertain to an officer’s conclusions or opinions regarding an accident, are admissible in court and can be corroborated by a police officer’s testimony. While victims can report their accidents to the police in the days following an accident, it is best to do so immediately so that the resulting report can be thorough and accurate.

    Medical Records

    Medical records are important evidence in any injury claim in Pennsylvania. To begin gathering medical evidence of your injuries, you should go right to the hospital following an auto accident. Do not refuse medical care, as doing so could harm your case. Upon arriving at the hospital, medical professionals can thoroughly assess your injuries and diagnose them accordingly. Depending on your specific injuries, a doctor might advise you to see a specialist. You might also require extensive testing, such as an MRI or CT scan. Heed the advice of medical professionals and keep detailed records of all medical expenses and treatment you receive. In doing so, you can build a wealth of medical evidence that proves you sustained injuries worthy of compensation in a car accident case in Pennsylvania.


    Photographs are also useful. Take pictures of the damage to your vehicle and your injuries at the accident site. Photographs from an accident scene can provide greater context and help our attorneys piece together how a negligent driver hit your vehicle. Law enforcement officials might take photos as well, which our Bucks County personal injury lawyers can retrieve upon obtaining the police report for your accident. Witnesses to an accident might also take pictures of the scene. Photographs can help our attorneys identify eyewitnesses and get an overall clearer idea of the accident itself.

    Camera Footage

    Security camera footage might be available depending on the location of your auto accident. Following the crash, our attorneys will contact nearby businesses and homeowners to request access to security cameras they might have on their properties. We can then review this footage to see if your accident was caught on tape. Similarly, doorbell cameras and dashboard cameras can film car accidents in Pennsylvania. If such footage is not given to us voluntarily upon request, we can subpoena it. If eyewitnesses happened to film the accident, we can also use that evidence to strengthen your claim. Obtaining camera footage might be necessary to identify a negligent driver if they fled the scene following the crash.

    Lost Wages

    While not proof of negligence, records of lost wages prove, in part, the financial losses a victim has incurred because of the defendant’s actions. Presenting your loss of income due to a car accident in Pennsylvania can allow our lawyers to accurately calculate the economic damages you deserve. Keep records of your other damages as well, as you can recover compensation for any financial losses directly related to an at-fault driver’s negligence. This is why keeping track of your medical expenses following an accident is also paramount.

    Witness Statements

    The final category of evidence often useful to car accident victims is statements from witnesses. Eyewitness statements can be the most helpful if they are available. Eyewitnesses can explain what they saw or how a driver acted recklessly, further strengthening your compensation claim. Expert witnesses, like medical professionals or law enforcement officers, can lend their expertise to a case and aid in a victim’s recovery of damages. For example, medical professionals can attest to your expected recovery time and anticipated future medical costs. They can also explain the likelihood that you will be able to return to work and in what capacity.

    Victims can also get witness statements from therapists who have treated them in the aftermath of an accident. A therapist can confirm a victim’s experience of various mental health challenges, such as anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, or depression, increasing their chances of recovering compensation for pain and suffering in Pennsylvania. Statements from a victim’s loved ones can provide similar support to a claim.

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