What is a Good Settlement for a Rear-End Collision in Pennsylvania?

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    After a rear-end collision in Pennsylvania, you may require compensation from a negligent driver. If an at-fault party offers you a settlement, it is important to be able to discern whether or not it is good.

    Good settlement agreements can be hard to come by, as negligent drivers are unlikely to offer the amount that victims deserve. Generally, a good settlement should include compensation for all economic damages incurred by a victim, as well as non-economic damages. In many cases, rear-end collision victims can claim more when they go to trial, which opens the door for greater non-economic damages and possible punitive damages. To get a good settlement offer and improve your chances of success at trial, you should gather ample evidence and file a lawsuit quickly after a rear-end collision in Pennsylvania.

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    What’s Compensated for in a Good Rear-End Collision Settlement in Pennsylvania?

    After a rear-end collision that results in property damage and injuries, victims may require compensation from a negligent driver. When evaluating a settlement offer, it is important for victims to understand which losses should be compensated for so that they don’t accept a settlement that’s far less than what they deserve in Pennsylvania.

    Economic Damages

    In a good settlement, all economic damages due to a rear-end collision should be compensated. Depending on the circumstances of your case, this might include compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and other out-of-pocket expenses. Because negligent drivers may be hesitant to cover these costs, especially if victims’ injuries are severe, some settlement offers may not include total compensation for economic damages. Our West Chester car accident attorneys can compile all of your financial losses to determine if that’s the case for the settlement offer you receive.

    Non-Economic Damages

    Generally, negligent drivers are not eager to offer compensation for non-economic damages in a rear-end collision settlement in Pennsylvania. This is because the emotional impact of severe injuries can be profound and deserve substantial compensation. For a settlement offer to be good, it should include compensation for pain and suffering. This is rare, which is why our Pennsylvania car accident attorneys typically encourage victims to go to trial to recover sufficient compensation after a rear-end collision.

    Can You Claim Greater Compensation by Not Settling a Rear-End Collision Lawsuit in Pennsylvania?

    While settlement agreements might result in some compensation for rear-end accident victims in Pennsylvania, they usually require concessions on behalf of both parties. This is why our lawyers take an aggressive approach, as victims may be able to recover greater compensation by taking their cases to trial in Pennsylvania.

    Coming to a settlement in a rear-end collision lawsuit can be a long process. Generally, the result is an agreement that works for both parties, which means a defendant might not cover all losses sustained by a victim in Pennsylvania. You deserve compensation for all the damages you incurred because of a negligent driver’s actions, which is possible when you take your case to trial.

    When rear-end collision lawsuits go to trial in Pennsylvania, victims may be able to claim greater compensation. Our attorneys can compile proof of damages, which might include records of medical bills, lost wages, and other out-of-pocket expenses, so that you can recover total compensation for financial losses.

    Recovering non-economic damages is also more likely when victims bring their cases before a judge or jury in Pennsylvania. By showing the pain and suffering you have endured because of a defendant’s negligence, our lawyers can help you recover damages for emotional distress.

    One type of compensation that is generally only available when victims go to trial in Pennsylvania is punitive damages. If a defendant acted with gross negligence during a rear-end collision, victims might be able to recover punitive damages if they go to court.

    It is understandable for victims to be hesitant to go to trial. However, if you want to recover greater compensation for your injuries after a rear-end collision, refusing even a good settlement and enlisting help from our lawyers may be the answer.

    How to Get a Good Settlement Offer After a Rear-End Collision in Pennsylvania

    Getting a good settlement or, preferably, recovering sufficient compensation in a lawsuit against a negligent driver, can be challenging for victims in Pennsylvania. To claim the compensation they deserve, victims can seek help from our experienced Media, PA car accident attorneys.

    Gather Evidence

    Defendants might propose insufficient settlement offers when there isn’t ample evidence of their negligence. That is why it is important for victims to gather considerable evidence after a rear-end collision in Pennsylvania. In order to do so, victims should call the police and seek immediate medical attention after an accident. Photographs from an accident scene, eyewitness statements, and security camera footage can be helpful evidence against a negligent driver, and might lead to a good settlement offer. If you receive a high settlement offer from a defendant, that might indicate that you can recover greater compensation by going to trial.

    File Quickly

    It is important for car accident victims in Pennsylvania to file a lawsuit against a defendant quickly. When you wait to sue, it may appear as though your injuries are insignificant, leading to a bad settlement offer. A defendant might use a delayed lawsuit against you, as waiting to sue might negatively impact the damages are awarded at trial. Our Allentown car accident attorneys can help you file a lawsuit quickly so that a defendant cannot leverage a delayed claim against you.

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