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Should You Go to a Chiropractor, Doctor, or the ER After a Car Accident in Pennsylvania?

There are many things you should do if you are in a car accident in Pennsylvania. Probably the most important thing is to seek medical treatment if you suffered an injury. Our experienced Philadelphia car accident lawyers strongly advise seeing a doctor within two days of an accident, even if you believe you walked away from a crash without a scratch.

The next question is, what type of medical treatment should you seek? Should you make an appointment with your primary physician, a chiropractor, or go directly to the emergency room? The short answer is “yes,” while the long answer is “it depends on the severity and type of injuries.” Typically, you want to ensure you are physically healthy and start documenting your medical condition, linking it to the accident.

At the Reiff Law Firm, our team of dedicated attorneys and staff are dedicated to fighting for the rights of those hurt in car accidents. A key component in a personal injury lawsuit or insurance settlement is the medical evidence establishing the extent and origin of your injuries. Therefore, it is vital to seek medical treatment immediately following an accident. For other steps to take after a car crash, call (215) 709-6940.

Going to the Emergency Room After a Pennsylvania Car Accident

In some accidents, the decision to go to the emergency room is out of your hands. Accident victims with severe injuries might have to be treated at the scene and transported by ambulance to the nearest emergency room. In other cases, medical personnel at the scene could suggest that you receive immediate medical treatment. It is generally advisable to comply with this request. You want to make sure your injuries are tended to, and you also want to document your injuries. One of the best ways to connect your injuries to the accident is to receive treatment at an ER moments after the crash.

If you do not receive treatment at the crash scene or are taken away in an ambulance, you still might want to go to an emergency room before going home. Our Pennsylvania car accident lawyers will use these medical records to establish your injuries were a direct result of the crash.

Seeing Your Primary Physician if You Have Been Injured in a Pennsylvania Car Accident

Whether you believe you have suffered an injury or not, you should make an appointment with your primary doctor within 48 hours of the accident. This is critical for your health, if you want to file an insurance claim, or if you plan to file an injury lawsuit. Many injuries are not obvious immediately following an accident, especially if you were experiencing an adrenaline rush. You might also not start exhibiting symptoms of certain injuries for weeks or months. It is important to see a physician who understands the injuries associated with car accidents. Broken bones, bruises, and other physical damage are easy to diagnose and treat. However, other injuries are difficult to diagnose, such as soft tissue damage or muscle strains. Back injuries are prevalent in car crashes, yet there might not be any diagnostic tests that will show the extent of damage you suffered.

Seeing a Chiropractor After a Pennsylvania Car Accident

Once you see your normal doctor, you should consider making an appointment with a qualified chiropractor. Chiropractors are also considered medical treatment. For many types of injuries sustained in car accidents, seeing a chiropractor is advisable.

Some of the most common injuries car accident victims suffer are back and neck injuries. Whiplash is an injury many people are familiar with. It is a type of injury caused by a forceful and rapid shaking of the neck or head – similar to the cracking of a whip. Whiplash is often caused by rear-end collisions but could also result from other kinds of car accidents.

Too many accident victims make the mistake of not seeking medical care because they believe they did not suffer an injury. A chiropractor will help identify many types of injuries that are not readily visible. For example, car accident victims could have torn ligaments, strained muscles, and other soft tissue damage that could go unnoticed, even if you had an x-ray taken of the injured area.

In addition, chiropractic treatment will focus on relieving the pain you are experiencing in your back or neck, making the healing process more effective.

Medical Evidence is Critical to Receive Compensation After a Car Accident in Pennsylvania

Medical expenses can quickly escalate after a Pennsylvania accident. Furthermore, a serious injury could keep you out of work for weeks or months. Without detailed medical evidence, it will be difficult, if not impossible, to hold a negligent driver or their insurance company liable for your financial losses. The steps you take after a car accident impact your chances of a significant insurance settlement or a successful personal injury lawsuit. Our Pennsylvania car accidents need medical documentation to prove the severity and impact of your injuries. The best way to do this is to receive medical treatment immediately following a car crash.

Pennsylvania Car Accident Lawyers Fighting For Your Rights

At the Reiff Law Firm, our Stroudsburg, PA car accident lawyers are committed to fighting for our clients. Whether negotiating with an insurance company or trying your case at trial, our team will need sufficient medical documentation to maximize your potential compensation. Therefore, it is crucial to go to the emergency room, see your doctor, or make an appointment with a chiropractor after an accident. In some cases, you should do all three. Call (215) 709-6940 to review what you should do after an accident.

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