Can You Represent Yourself in a Car Accident Lawsuit in Pennsylvania?

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    If you were injured in a car accident in Pennsylvania, you are not obligated to retain the services of an experienced personal injury attorney – you can represent yourself. However, the real question is should you represent yourself in a car accident lawsuit? The answer to that is more complicated. If you only suffered a cut or two, and your car was only damaged slightly, then you could probably settle your claim with the insurance companies involved or represent yourself in small claims court. However, if you were seriously injured, then taking on an insurance company or a complex lawsuit by yourself might not be the best idea. Our Philadelphia car accident lawyer at the Reiff Law Firm reviews the pros and cons of representing yourself after a car crash in the article below.

    What is Your Pennsylvania Car Accident Claim Worth?

    To make a good decision regarding filing a personal injury lawsuit or in negotiating with an insurance company requires some basic information. One of the crucial pieces of information is the potential value of your claim. If you experienced only superficial injuries, maybe a cut and a couple of bruises, then your case might not be worth much, and handling it yourself might make sense. However, if your injuries are serious, then it is unlikely that you will know the actual potential value of your claim.

    It takes years of experience trying and negotiating car accident claims to understand the value of a lawsuit. Our Allentown car wreck attorneys have the knowledge and resources to calculate the damages you should recover.

    Many times, the true cost of a severe injury takes weeks or months to recognize. In addition to your actual financial losses, such as medical expenses and any reduction or loss of income, you are entitled to noneconomic damages such as pain and suffering. These types of damages are challenging to quantify and usually require a skilled attorney.

    Working with an Insurance Company After a Pennsylvania Car Accident

    Insurance companies are not working for you. They have teams of adjusters, attorneys, and accountants whose sole job is to limit their liability. Often, an insurance adjuster assigned to your case will ask questions designed to elicit a specific response. They are looking for statements that either minimize your injury or admit to fault for the accident. If they are successful, an insurance provider could either reduce or eliminate their liability.

    By retaining our car accident attorney early in the process, you will not only have an idea of the value of your claim, but we will communicate directly with any insurance company. It is not uncommon for an injured car crash victim to feel overwhelmed by the mounting medical expenses or the fear of losing income for an extended period. Insurance companies are aware of this and will offer a fast, but low settlement, in hopes that a person agrees to the quick payoff. Maximizing your potential recovery takes patience.

    Building a Successful Pennsylvania Car Accident Lawsuit

    The amount you can recover after a Pennsylvania car accident often depends on the quality of evidence in your favor. You can gather a good deal of critical evidence after an accident, such as photographs of the crash scene, eyewitness contact information, and copies of police or medical reports. However, when it is unclear who caused an accident, additional evidence is required. Additionally, an initial medical report or your doctor’s statement might not present a full picture of the impact of your injuries. Our law office has investigators who can recreate the accident, medical professionals who can testify to the severity of your injuries, and economic experts who can speak to your anticipated financial losses.

    In many car accidents in Pennsylvania, it is not just another driver who could be held responsible for your injuries. Poor traffic signage or construction equipment and debris left in the roadway could contribute to a crash. Our skilled attorneys will not only look at the other drivers involved in the accident; we will thoroughly examine the circumstances surrounding the incident to determine if a third party is also accountable. When you file a car accident lawsuit, you want to be sure that you include all potentially liable parties.

    Let an Experienced Pennsylvania Car Accident Attorney Handle Your Lawsuit

    A car accident is a terrifying experience. If you are severely injured, you have more to worry about than fighting with an insurance company or learning what is required to file a lawsuit on your own. You should be concentrating on taking care of yourself. In fact, maximizing your compensation requires taking your medical treatment seriously.

    If you neglect your treatment, such as missing doctor’s appointments or failing to take scheduled diagnostic tests, you will jeopardize your claim. Also, without thorough medical care, you might never know the extent of your injuries. What appears to be a minor back tweak could be something much more significant. After a car accident, building a legal case should not be your priority. Allowing our Bethlehem car accident lawyers to represent your legal interests will enable you to look after your physical and mental wellbeing.

    Call Our Pennsylvania Car Accident Attorney for a Free Consultation

    It is not uncommon for someone injured in a Pennsylvania car accident to be tempted to represent themselves. With plenty of online resources, it might not appear that difficult. However, litigation is often complicated and the defendant will have experienced legal representation. Our Philadelphia personal injury lawyers are dedicated to helping injured drivers and passengers receive the full compensation they deserve. It also does not cost you anything to have us review your situation. So, if you were injured in a car accident, call the Reiff Law Firm at (215) 709-6940 to schedule a free consultation

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