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    Slipping and falling in a grocery store can produce surprisingly severe injuries. If your injuries are severe enough that you decide to sue the grocery store, you may be wondering how much you can settle your case for. The Philadelphia slip and fall lawyers at The Reiff Law Firm explain how much your slip and fall case might be worth and how these calculations are made. We will also discuss how to avoid settling your case for less than it’s worth. Our slip and fall injury lawyer explain what can impact a slip and fall settlement.

    How Much is a Slip and Fall in a Supermarket Worth?

    The value of your personal injury case is heavily tied to the specifics of your case. That means that it is difficult to determine the value of your case before fully examining the details of the events leading up to your accident and the injuries you faced. Still, you may be able to determine a preliminary value for what your case is worth by examining the harms you suffered.

    The damages in any personal injury or premises liability case are tied to the harms you suffered because of the accident. This means that you can often find the total value of many of the damages you face by looking at the medical bills and any other expenses you were made to pay because of the accident, plus other harms you faced.

    If your injuries required medical care, you can typically claim the full value of the medical bills as damages in your case. That means the cost of emergency medical transportation, x-rays, MRIs, surgery, casts, crutches, and doctor’s appointments can all be claimed as part of your lawsuit. Any other expenses you faced because of the injury can also be claimed, such as the cost of transportation for household errands if you can’t drive or the cost of child care if you are too injured to care for your family.

    If you missed work, you can also claim damages for the lost wages you suffered. If your injuries keep you from work, you may lose money while you recover. If your injuries are more serious and keep you from returning to work entirely or force you to take a lower-paying job, you can also claim compensation for reduced earning capacity.

    The last area of damages commonly claimed in a lawsuit is coverage for your pain and suffering. These damages are often high and come from your testimony about how the accident and your injuries affected your life. More severe injuries often cause more suffering, which makes things like traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries particularly high-value injuries.

    A settlement may or may not include full coverage for these damages, and it is important to talk to a lawyer before accepting any money for your injuries.

    Should I Accept a Settlement for a Grocery Store Slip and Fall?

    Whether to accept a slip and fall settlement is always up to the plaintiff. However, it is important to consider the advice and counsel of your attorney when considering accepting a settlement. Large companies like grocery stores and supermarkets are often incentivized to offer low settlements so that they can end cases early and pay minimal amounts to resolve the case quickly. This often means that a settlement will not be enough to cover your needs.

    The damages that you face can often be claimed in full when you take your case to court. Settlements, on the other hand, may fall below your needs. When the defendant offers to settle, they may not include sufficient funds to cover your lost wages, hospital bills, or pain and suffering. If this happens, you may be better off taking your case to court where the jury will determine what your case is worth and award damages.

    Another common way to settle a case is by accepting a payout from the defendant’s insurance company. Many grocery stores, from small bodegas to large supermarkets, are protected by liability insurance. When someone is injured, their insurance company may attempt to handle the case by paying the victim for their injuries. These settlements are often too low to cover your needs, since they may only cover a portion of your medical expenses and lost wages. Insurance policies generally do not cover pain and suffering damages, either, which means that you could miss a large portion of the damages you are entitled to if you accept an insurance settlement.

    Talk to an attorney to understand the options you have for financial compensation. In many cases, it is best to take your case to trial to get the compensation you need, since a judge and jury can order the defendant to pay the full value of your case. Accepting a settlement will block your ability to continue your case in court, and you will be unable to take your case back to court if you are dissatisfied with the damages you received in a settlement.

    Talk to Our Philadelphia Slip and Fall Lawyers for Help with Your Case

    To understand what your case is worth and how to maximize the financial compensation you can receive for your injuries, talk to a Philadelphia personal injury lawyer at The Reiff Law Firm today. Our slip and fall attorneys have decades of experience representing victims of slip and falls in supermarkets and other retail stores. For guidance on your case and how much your case should be worth, call our law offices today to schedule a free legal consultation. Our number is (215) 709-6940.

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