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    Slip and fall accidents are the most prominent type of personal injury claim. When a slip and fall accident happens on the property of an institution like Temple University, there may be a question of whether the institution should be held accountable for the accident. If you suffered a slip and fall injury on the Temple University campus, you should consult with an experienced Philadelphia slip and fall lawyer today.

    The Reiff Law Firm has decades of experience handling a broad range of slip and fall accident claims, and we are prepared to work tirelessly to pursue compensation for your injuries. Our firm understands that slip and fall accidents can leave a victim with long-term injuries that could prevent their ability to work and enjoy their personal life. To schedule a free legal consultation to discuss your claim, contact The Reiff Law Firm at (215) 709-6940, or contact us online.

    When is Temple University Responsible for a Slip and Fall?

    Slip and fall accidents fall under the umbrella of premises liability law. Premises liability law is an area of law that deals with the obligations of property owners to visitors and even trespassers under certain circumstances. For example, if a property owner set a trap on their property intended to severely injure trespassers, they could be liable for any injuries that a trespasser endures.

    Most premises liability cases must deal with the status of the person that was injured on the property. The status of the visitor depends on why they were on the property when they were injured. If a person was on Temple University property for a personal matter with the institution’s permission, they are considered a licensee. Temple University has a duty to warn a licensee of any hazardous property conditions that could injure them and that are not easy to discover.

    If an individual is on Temple University property to confer some type of benefit upon the institution, they are considered an invitee. Property owners owe the same duty of care to invitees as they do to licensees.

    As mentioned, if a person is trespassing on an institution’s property, the institution must not act intentionally or recklessly regarding the safety of a trespasser. However, this duty is subject to change if the person injured was a child and they were drawn onto the property due to some attractive nuisance. An example of an attractive nuisance would be a pool that was left uncovered or that could be easily accessed by a child.

    It is also important to note that there may be multiple parties that are liable for your slip and fall accident. For example, if Temple hired a company to perform construction on their property, Temple and the construction company could be held liable if they create a dangerous condition on the property without warning visitors.

    As Temple University has a campus that is a part of the city of Philadelphia, you should ensure that you were in fact injured on property that is owned by the university before filing suit. To learn more about slip and fall accidents and to sue for a slip and fall, contact an experienced Philadelphia personal injury attorney.

    Filing a Lawsuit for a Slip and Fall Accident at Temple University

    Slip and falls can occur for a variety of reasons. For example, if a property owner failed to have adequate lighting in a certain section of their property, this may increase the likelihood of a person tripping on an obstacle they were unable to see. Other circumstances that could lead to a trip and fall accident include:

    • Unstable stairways and handrails
    • Heavy accumulation of snow and ice
    • Slippery floors or unmarked wet floors
    • Potholes or cracks on sidewalks and other walkways

    The victim of a slip and fall accident can suffer several types of injuries. As to be expected, wrist and arm injuries are the most common type of slip and fall injuries because the natural reaction of a falling person is to attempt to catch themselves. However, a victim could suffer more severe injuries like:

    • Bone fractures
    • Back injuries or spinal cord injuries
    • Head injuries like concussions or brain injuries
    • A twisted or sprained ankle

    It is also important to note that a victim should not delay in filing their case once they have determined who is liable for their injuries. In Pennsylvania, personal injury cases have a two-year filing deadline. While it should not be relied on, there is also a possibility to delay your filing deadline under certain circumstances.

    Work with Our Philadelphia Premises Liability Attorneys Today

    If you or a family member was the victim of a slip and fall accident on Temple University property, contact an experienced Philadelphia premises liability attorney today. The personal injury attorneys at The Reiff Law Firm are dedicated to helping you determine who is liable for your trip and fall accident so that you can pursue the compensation you deserve. To schedule a free legal consultation, contact The Reiff Law Firm at (215) 709-6940.

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