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    In a busy city like Philadelphia, pedestrians often have to watch for various types of hazards while they are simply walking down the street. While this will help prevent some accidents, a person cannot plan for everything when it comes to being injured in an unexpected accident. If you or a family member was injured while walking through the University of Pennsylvania campus, contact an experienced Philadelphia pedestrian injury lawyer today.

    The Reiff Law Firm is here to help you aggressively pursue compensation for your injuries. Our firm has represented residents of Philadelphia, Bucks County, Chester, Hershey, and across southeast Pennsylvania, and we would be proud to represent you. To schedule a free legal consultation to discuss your legal options, contact the Reiff Law Firm at (215) 791-8939, or contact us online.

    What to Do if You Are Struck by a Car

    One of the most dangerous situations for a pedestrian is one where they can potentially be hit by a car. The University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) campus is extremely busy during school hours and business hours as thousands of people make their way through the city to reach their destinations. As a result, pedestrians need to keep an eye on reckless drivers that may break traffic laws to circumvent the flow of traffic.

    Many pedestrians are struck by vehicles when a negligent driver is making a left-hand turn. One reason for this is that the driver was only focused on one end of the sidewalk instead of looking at both ends before turning. Despite how your accident occurred, you should take the following steps to preserve your claim if you are severely injured.

    Seek Immediate Medical Attention

    If you are struck by a vehicle, your first action should be to secure medical attention for your injuries and to contact law enforcement. If you are too injured to contact emergency services yourself, Pennsylvania legally requires the driver of the vehicle to seek medical attention for an injured party.

    Be sure to inform the medical staff of how you received your injuries so that you can receive proper treatment and document your claim.

    You should seek medical attention even if you feel like you only sustained mild injuries. There is a possibility that you suffered an injury that will become aggravated as time passes.

    Gather Evidence for Your Case

    Provided that the driver of the vehicle did not try to flee the scene, you should request to exchange information. You should obtain the name of the driver, their address, contact information, type of vehicle they were driving, and their insurance company.

    It is also important to take pictures of the scene of the accident. If any adverse weather conditions may have contributed to the accident, you should document that as well. For example, if it was bright and sunny when you were hit, this can help show that the driver acted negligently.

    Additionally, if there were any people that witnessed the accident, you should speak with them. If any witnesses are willing to provide you with a statement, you should take down their name and contact information.

    Contact an Experienced Injury Attorney

    Before you speak with any representatives from the insurance company of the negligent driver, you should consult with an experienced attorney. The insurance claim adjuster that represents the negligent driver may try to talk you into admitting some form of liability for the accident in order to diminish your claim.

    Our experienced attorneys can take the lead on interactions with an insurance company to ensure that your rights are fully represented.

    It is important to note that just because a car accident occurred on property owned by UPenn does not automatically mean that they are liable for the accident. Premises liability typically only extends to scenarios where the property owner could foresee that a person could be injured in a certain manner. For example, if you suffered a slip and fall accident because the university failed to plow snow on their property, this is a foreseeable event.

    However, if you were traversing the UPenn campus and you were struck by a vehicle that was owned and operated by employees of the institution, this could make the institution liable for your injuries due to vicarious liability. This legal doctrine allows an employer to be held liable for actions an employee makes within the scope of their employment.

    Contact Our Philadelphia Personal Injury Attorneys for a Free Consultation

    If you or a family member was injured in a pedestrian accident near the University of Pennsylvania’s campus, contact an experienced Philadelphia personal injury attorney today. The injury attorneys at the Reiff Law Firm possess decades of combined legal experience that they will utilize to help you handle your pedestrian accident case. To schedule a free legal consultation to discuss your claim, contact the Reiff Law Firm at (215) 791-8939.

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