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    When visiting or being invited to an area that is open to the public as the University of Pennsylvania’s campus, you expect the property to be free of hazards and other dangers. Unfortunately, without adequate property maintenance, there are several ways that a person could be injured at a college campus. If you or a family member was the victim of an accident while visiting the University of Pennsylvania campus, you should contact an experienced Philadelphia premises liability lawyer today.

    The Reiff Law Firm is here to help you determine who is responsible for injuries you sustained after a serious accident. Our firm understands how a severe injury could impact your life, and we are here for you. To schedule a free legal consultation to discuss your claim, contact The Reiff Law Firm at (215) 709-6940, or contact us online.

    Common Types of University Campus Injuries

    A personal injury case can be the result of several different negligent actions. You may have a personal injury claim against another person or company if they owed you a legal duty but ended up breaching that duty. For example, if a person veers into your lane while driving and strikes your vehicle, they breached their legal duty to operate their vehicle safely.

    The following is a list of common types of personal injury cases.

    Car Accidents

    The campus area of the University of Pennsylvania is an extremely busy section of Philadelphia. There several tight streets filled with vehicles and a constant number of pedestrians walking to their destinations. Due to the large amount of traffic, some reckless drivers will attempt maneuvers that will endanger the lives of other motorists and pedestrians.

    If a negligent driver injured you, you might be able to file a personal injury claim against that individual. Car accidents can cause a wide range of injuries from broken bones to serious head injuries.

    Slip and Falls

    Slip and falls are the most common type of premises liability claims. The reason slip and falls are so common is because there are various factors that can lead to a slip and fall. For example, if a visitor of UPenn is climbing steps on campus and they trip and break a bone because a portion of the steps was broken, the university may be liable for their injuries.

    There are other factors that could contribute to a slip and fall accident:

    • Having insufficient lighting on campus
    • Failing to plow ice or snow from walkways and other areas on campus
    • Having construction on campus but failing to place warning signs

    It is important to understand whether your slip and fall injury was caused by negligent actions on behalf of UPenn or another property owner in the area. Having this information will make it easier to gather evidence that you may need to file a premises liability lawsuit.


    Under certain circumstances, the liability for an assault can be placed on the actions of another party that did not physically carry out the assault. For example, if the University of Pennsylvania failed to provide security, a well-lit campus, or other crime deterrents to their students, they may be held liable if a student is assaulted in an area of the campus that should have been secure.

    This is not an exhaustive list. There are various other examples of accidents that can result in a valid personal injury claim. To learn more about personal injury law and filing a lawsuit for your injuries, you should continue reading and speak with an experienced Philadelphia injury attorney.

    Inadequate Campus Security

    One of the responsibilities of the University of Pennsylvania is to provide an atmosphere where family and other visitors could feel safe. If a university does not have an adequate amount of security or similar safety measures to protect visitors, they can be subject to crimes like robbery and assault.

    If you suffered an injury because UPenn did not outfit the campus with sufficient security, they could be held liable for their negligent actions.

    Elevator and Escalator Accidents

    Practically every building on a university campus with multiple floors should be equipped with elevators and escalators to help disabled individuals and people in general travel through the campus. These machines typically require frequent maintenance to ensure that a faulty escalator does not injure a person or a person does not become trapped in an elevator.

    Failing to perform frequent maintenance on an elevator or escalator can open up a property owner to premises liability claims.


    A large campus like UPenn should have several safeguards in place to stop a fire or prevent it from spreading too quickly. Not having these safety measures places people in danger if a fire starts and makes it difficult for people to escape a building. If you suffered a burn injury or smoke inhalation due to a fire that was not controlled, the property could be held liable for their lack of safety measures.

    Toxic Chemical Accidents

    There are multiple reasons that a school could employ the use of chemicals that could be toxic to people. For example, if a school hires a contractor to repaint a portion of a building, it is important to ensure that the painting area is well ventilated. If toxic chemicals are negligently used, this can endanger visitors and other people in a number of ways.

    This is not an exhaustive list of premises liability claims. Our firm is here to help you discover what options you have when pursuing legal compensation for your injuries.

    Preparing for a Personal Injury Lawsuit

    Before you file a personal injury lawsuit, you should begin to gather evidence that will help you prove your claim. If your injury occurred in an area that was filled with witnesses, you could begin by speaking to any witness that is willing to provide you with a statement. Be sure to obtain their name and contact information to speak with them at a later date.

    Next, you should determine what caused your accident. For example, if you tripped on a portion of cracked pavement in front of a retail store, you should consider speaking with the manager of the store to determine who owns the store. You should also document your injuries thoroughly. Take pictures of your injuries and see a doctor to assess the full extent of your injuries.

    Once you feel you have enough evidence, you should consider speaking with an attorney about your potential case. An attorney can also help you gather evidence to pursue a claim against a negligent party.

    Our Philadelphia UPenn Injury Lawyers are Ready to Help You File a Claim

    If you or a family member sustained a serious injury while on UPenn’s campus, you should consult with an experienced Philadelphia personal injury attorney today. The legal team at The Reiff Law Firm possess decades of combined legal experience that we will utilize to help you litigate your personal injury claim. To schedule a free legal consultation to discuss your potential case, contact The Reiff Law Firm at (215) 709-6940.

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