How Do You Get the Police Report for a Car Accident that Occurred on I-676?

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    If you were recently hurt in a car accident on I-676, you should get a copy of the corresponding police report. There are typically several retrieval methods victims can choose from to do this.

    Depending on where your accident on I-676 took place, Philadelphia police officers, Pennsylvania state police officers, or Camden police officers might respond. All of these agencies allow victims to access police reports online. Costs vary but hover around $20 per report. Victims can generally request a copy of their report in person or by mail. It usually takes upwards of one week for police reports to be made available to victims after an auto accident on I-676.

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    How to Get a Police Report for a Car Accident on I-676 from the Philadelphia Police

    Interstate 676 is a thoroughfare in Philadelphia that is often very congested, taking travelers and commuters from the Philadelphia area to the suburbs and New Jersey. If your auto accident happened on I-676, it’s more likely than not the Philadelphia police officers will respond to the site.

    If the Philadelphia Police Department completed your accident report for a collision on I-676, it will be available from the Philadelphia Department of Records located at City Hall. Victims can make an appointment to visit the Department of Records in person to retrieve a copy of a report. Victims can also send a mailed quest for a report to Philadelphia’s Police Record Unit.

    There is also the option to obtain a report for an incident on I-676 online. There is a digital application form that our West Chester car accident lawyers can help you complete. This requires victims to provide information about an accident, as well as information about themselves. Police reports from the Philadelphia Police Department for accidents on I-676 cost $25.00.

    How to Get a Police Report for a Car Accident on I-676 from the Camden Police

    While I-676 is primarily located in Philadelphia, it extends to Camden, NJ. This might mean that victims need to obtain a report from law enforcement agencies in another state, depending on where their accident occurred.

    The Camden Police Department sends finalized crash reports to There, victims of collisions on I-676 in Camden can input the state and jurisdiction their crash occurred in. To locate your report, you can provide the report number, your last name and the date of the incident, or your last name and the location of the incident.

    If you’re having trouble locating the report online, you can call the Camden Police Department or visit in person to see if you can get a paper copy of your crash report for an accident on I-676.

    How to Get a Police Report for a Car Accident on I-676 from the State Police

    State police can respond to car accidents that occur on I-676 in Philadelphia. If they do, victims must use other methods to obtain their police reports.

    If state police officers responded to your accident on I-676 in Philadelphia, you can request a copy of the police report online. To search online, victims must provide the case number or their last name and the date of the incident. It takes about 15 days for reports completed by state police officers to be completed and uploaded.

    Victims can also send a mailed request to the Crash Reports Unit in Harrisburg to access a report for a collision on I-676 that state police officers responded to. If you take this route, you must include a money order or certified check made payable to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. All reports from state police officers for accidents on I-676 cost $22.

    How Long Does it Take to Get a Police Report for a Car Accident on I-676?

    The time it takes for you to obtain a copy of your report for a motor vehicle accident on I-676 will depend on the agency you are sourcing the report from and the retrieval method you choose.

    Typically, it takes several business days for law enforcement officers in any jurisdiction to complete a motor vehicle accident report. For accidents on I-676, the completion time may differ, as one of several police departments might respond to an accident, depending on where it took place. While state police officers in Pennsylvania take about 15 days to complete a crash report, Philadelphia police officers or Camden police officers might require a different amount of time.

    If you choose to get a report online, locating it should only take a matter of minutes. Victims who send a mailed request for a report can expect to wait several days, possibly even weeks, before receiving their report for a collision on I-676.

    Will a Police Report for an Accident on I-676 Be Admissible as Evidence?

    If your incident happened on I-676 in Philadelphia, certain parts of a police report might be admissible in your claim against a negligent driver.

    In Pennsylvania, conclusions or opinions made by police officers in accident reports are admissible evidence. Police officers can testify to their own conclusions in court, making this section of a crash report possible evidence in your case for compensation.

    Other information, though possibly inadmissible in the form of an incident report, can still be helpful to victims. This includes the names of eyewitnesses, who can testify in a trial, and the identities of involved parties. Other details, like damage to vehicles or a negligent driver’s intoxication levels, can help provide insight into possible causes of an accident on I-676.

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