Delaware County’s Most Dangerous Roads for Car Accidents
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    Delaware County’s Most Dangerous Roads for Car Accidents

    Driving may be a common task that many of us take for granted, but this doesn’t change the fact that there is an inherent risk in operating a vehicle on Delaware County’s roads. Whether you’re going to work, the gym, a friend’s house, or anywhere else you need to be, there is always a chance that an accident can occur, leaving you or a loved one injured or worse. However, there are certain thoroughfares that have proven more dangerous than others, creating stretches of road that motorists should treat with extra care. To determine Delaware County’s most dangerous roads for car accidents, the Delaware County car accident attorneys at the Reiff Law Firm took some time to examine the available data and compile the list found below; continue reading to learn more.

    The Most Dangerous Roads for Car Accidents in Delaware County

    On average, the United States sees about six million car accidents each year, and while the majority don’t involve fatalities, more than a few people do lose their lives this way. In 2018, the total number of car accident-related deaths in the U.S. was 36,560; of these, 19 took place on Delaware County roads.

    To determine which roads in Delco represent the greatest risk to drivers, we turned to data published by two organizations: the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). While neither of these sources has information on all car accidents in Delaware County broken down road by road, PennDOT publishes statistics on total accident and fatality figures for every county in PA, and the NHTSA maintains a database of all traffic-related fatalities in the U.S., including detailed information on the location and type of each accident.

    This NHTSA system, which is called the Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS), offers some insight into which Delaware County roads are most dangerous by laying out where each fatal car accident takes place. To better understand this threat to drivers, we look at all the relevant information for 2016 through 2018 – the most recent year for which comprehensive data is available – and came up with the following list of deadly Delco streets. The following are the roads in Delaware County which had more than three fatalities during this three-year period:

    • U.S. Route 1, which is also called US-1, Baltimore Pike, or Township Line Road, depending on the area, had six deaths over this period.
    • Pennsylvania Route 3, more commonly known as SR-3, Market Street, or the West Chester Pike, also had six deaths between 2016 and 2018.
    • Pennsylvania Route 291, also known as SR-291, Second Street, Bartram Avenue, or the Industrial Highway (depending on where in Delco you are), had six deaths over this time as well.
    • Interstate 95, typically referred to as I-95 or the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Highway, saw four deaths during this time.

    While the Delaware County roads listed above represent the most dangerous in the county, there are a number of other stretches that saw a few fatalities as well. The following Delco streets all had three deaths from 2016 to 2018:

    • SR-2006, also called MacDade Boulevard
    • SR-252, also known as Newtown Street Road or Palmers Mill Road
    • SR-317, also called Bethel Road
    • SR-320, which includes Sproul Road and Providence Avenue
    • SR-452, also called Market Street or Pennell Road
    • US-13, which includes the Chester Pike and Ninth Street
    • US-30, more commonly known as Lancaster Avenue

    Common Causes of Car Accidents on Delaware County Roads

    It’s certainly possible that some of the aforementioned roadways contain features that pose a risk to drivers, but most often, car accidents in Delaware County and elsewhere occur because of an error on the part of a driver or their vehicle. The following are some of the most common causes of car accidents in Delaware County.

    Driving Under the Influence

    Despite the strict laws against driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, people across the country continue to operate their vehicles while impaired by these substances. Because of their effects on the brain and body, a person driving while drunk or stoned generally cannot react quickly to obstacles or other vehicles, and they often fall asleep at the wheel – any of which can lead to an accident.

    Distracted Driving

    Even more common than a drunk driving accident is its sober cousin, a distracted driving accident. Most motorists own some type of smartphone or mobile device, and the temptation to look at these objects while driving can be strong. However, taking your eyes off the road can make it impossible to see what’s ahead of you and react to it, making it easy to cause a serious accident. In addition, it’s not unheard of for drivers to apply makeup, eat a meal, or check social media while moving, all of which pose a danger to the driver and those around them.


    When we climb behind the wheel of a car, it’s usually because we have somewhere to be, so it’s easy to understand why drivers tend to push past the posted speed limits in an effort to get to their destination a little quicker. Unfortunately, excessive speeding can cause a driver to quickly lose control of their vehicle, and it reduces the amount of time in which they can react to traffic conditions. For these and other reasons, speeding often leads to serious accidents.

    Delaware County Car Accident Attorneys Offering Free Consultations

    If you or someone you love was recently injured or killed on a Delaware County road, know that the legal team at the Reiff Law Firm may be able to help. Our experienced Delaware County personal injury attorneys are available for free and private consultations to discuss your car accident, so don’t hesitate to contact our offices. Reach us today by calling (215) 709-6940.

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