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    Broken floorboards, cracks in the pavement, and faulty handrails might cause victims to slip and fall, leading to serious injuries that require compensatory damages in Conshohocken.

    Whenever a hazard is left unaddressed on someone’s property, a victim might slip, trip, or fall, causing them to become injured. Such accidents might happen in retail stores, restaurants, apartment buildings, and private residences. Generally speaking, property owners are liable for damages due to slip and fall incidents. To ensure you can hold a property owner liable for your economic and non-economic damages, document the accident by taking photos of the scene, going to the hospital, and informing the property owner of your injuries. Doing this can result in evidence necessary to build a case and file a lawsuit within the statute of limitations, which is two years in Pennsylvania.

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    Common Locations of Slip and Fall Accidents in Conshohocken

    Any time a property owner fails to uphold their duty of care, slip and fall accidents might happen. For example, such accidents might take place in retail stores, restaurants, or someone else’s home in Conshohocken.

    Slip and fall accidents occur when there is an obstruction, danger, or hazard that goes unaddressed by the property owner in question. For example, patrons of retail shops might slip on recently mopped floors because workers did not place a sign indicating the hazard. Or, visitors on private property might trip over a broken floorboard, faulty handrail, or other unaddressed danger.

    Other common causes of slipping and tripping accidents in Conshohocken include divots in the floor, spills, potholes, exposed wiring, uneven floors, and other hazards. These accidents might happen anywhere, including in grocery stores, parking garages, nursing homes, apartment buildings, and other locations. If you were injured in such an accident, contact our slip and fall lawyers to determine if you have a case. If you do, we will immediately investigate the accident to obtain evidence of the at-fault party’s negligence so that you can claim the damages you deserve.

    Liability for Slip and Fall Accidents in Conshohocken

    Generally speaking, property owners are liable for slip and fall accidents in Conshohocken. We can help you identify who the liable party is so that you can file your claim immediately.

    If you were injured on someone else’s property, that falls under premises liability, meaning the property owner may be financially liable for your injuries. Property owners owe a duty of care to visitors. This duty requires property owners to maintain a reasonably safe environment for visitors free from obvious hazards. If someone gets hurt on another person’s property because the property owner failed to address potential dangers, the property owner can be held liable in a lawsuit.

    For example, suppose you tripped in a restaurant because of uneven flooring. In that case, you could sue the restaurant owner for compensation in Conshohocken. This is true if you were hurt in another person’s home. Navigating slip and fall claims can be complicated, especially if you know the negligent party personally. We can assist you during this process so that all necessary procedures are carried out during the course of your lawsuit, and you can get the compensation you need following a slipping, tripping, or falling accident that caused you injury.

    Documenting Slip and Fall Accidents in Conshohocken

    Documenting slip and fall accidents is important, as doing so can allow victims to establish that the negligent party a involved in an incident and was properly notified of a victim’s injuries in Conshohocken.

    Depending on the severity of the injuries you sustained in a slipping and falling accident, you might only have to inform the negligent party of the incident. If you require immediate medical care, you can call 911 and involve law enforcement. Our lawyers can also help you inform the at-fault party of your injuries in writing.

    Then, go to the hospital. Documenting a slipping, falling, or tripping accident includes recording your injuries to medical professionals and getting treatment. Get routine care for your injuries for as long as necessary. Doing so can result in medical evidence that our lawyers can use to strengthen your claim in Conshohocken.

    Deadline to Sue for Slip and Fall Injuries in Conshohocken

    Victims of slipping, tripping, or falling accidents do not have an unlimited amount of time to bring a claim for compensation in Conshohocken. Adhering to the filing deadline will be important, as missing it will bar you from recovery of damages.

    According to 42 Pa.C.S. § 5524, Pennsylvania’s statute of limitations for slip and fall accident claims is two years. In rare cases, victims might get tolling for delayed discovery if they were unaware of their injuries until a later date. That said, the accrual date for the statute of limitations is generally the date of injury in Conshohocken.

    To ensure you bring your case on time, our attorneys will begin preparing your claim right away. Evidence in these types of injury cases can vary, depending on the location of the accident. For example, suppose you were injured in the stairwell of your apartment building. In that case, we may be able to obtain surveillance footage from security cameras in the stairwell to show how you sustained your injuries. Or, if you were hurt in a more public setting, like in a retail store, we can interview eyewitnesses to the accident to obtain their statements to use as evidence in your case.

    The filing deadline is strictly enforced, meaning if you miss it, you might not have a viable path to recovery for your slip and fall injuries in Conshohocken.

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