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    Recovering compensation following a car crash in Conshohocken can be challenging for victims, which is why our lawyers are prepared to offer the guidance and support they need to claim the damages they deserve.

    After a motor vehicle accident, victims should wait long enough to bring a claim that they understand their damages, but not too long that they miss the statute of limitations in Conshohocken. Because of this, you should prioritize getting medical treatment and report any losses incurred because of the accident to our lawyers immediately. As we investigate your accident, we will compile evidence of negligence, such as eyewitness testimony, video footage, photographs, and medical records. When successful in proving a defendant’s fault, victims can recover compensation for their economic losses, such as their medical expenses and missed income. Victims may also be awarded non-economic damages for their pain and suffering. And, if the defendant in your lawsuit was grossly negligent when causing your injuries, you may be awarded punitive damages as well.

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    How Long to Wait Before Filing Your Car Accident Lawsuit in Conshohocken

    While it is important to bring your claim well within the statute of limitations for car accident lawsuits in Conshohocken, you should not file right away. If you do, you might not have a full understanding of your injuries and damages.

    In Pennsylvania, the filing deadline for auto injury cases is two years, according to 42 Pa.C.S. § 5524. This is so that plaintiffs have long enough to prepare and file a claim, but not so long that defendants are unjustly held liable for damages. During the days and weeks following your collision, get the necessary medical care. This might include emergency surgeries, scans, tests, physical therapy, or other treatment. This will allow us to learn the full scope of your injuries and gather bills from medical treatment to use as proof of damages in your claim.

    All of that said, you should not wait until the final moment to file your claim. When victims delay initiating or filing their cases for too long, they risk being unable to access crucial evidence that might prove fault. Victims might face other issues when waiting to sue for a car accident, such as missing the filing deadline altogether.

    Admissible Evidence in Conshohocken Car Accident Claims

    There are many examples of admissible evidence our car accident lawyers can use when preparing your compensation claim in Conshohocken. This includes your medical records, surveillance footage, witness statements, and more.

    Some of the most valuable evidence in car accident lawsuits is the victim’s medical records. Your medical records will be even more important if you have to pass Pennsylvania’s serious injury threshold to sue for pain and suffering because you have limited tort car insurance.

    On top of your medical records, witness testimony is evidence that can help prove fault. Statements from eyewitnesses and experts alike can add credence and support to a case in Conshohocken.

    Photographic evidence can also be useful. Victims can take pictures while still at the accident location to document their injuries and property damage. Our lawyers can then obtain footage from any nearby surveillance cameras to submit as proof in your case.

    Recoverable Economic Damages in Conshohocken Car Accident Claims

    Virtually all of a victim’s economic damages should be recoverable in a car accident lawsuit in Conshohocken. To claim these damages, you will need to prove they exist.

    Economic damages are all the financial losses victims incur because of negligent drivers. For example, your bills for all necessary medical expenses should be compensated. This will include your immediate visit to the emergency room, surgeries, physical therapy, prescription medications, tests, scans, and additional treatment or care. Your lost wages should also be compensated, provided your injuries have made you unable to work. Any additional financial losses due to the accident, like transportation costs to and from the hospital, many be compensable as well.

    As you incur losses, our lawyers will organize proof of them so that we can show the jury exactly how much you deserve. Economic damages are not limited for injury victims in Conshohocken.

    Recoverable Non-Economic Damages in Conshohocken Car Accident Claims

    On top of various financial losses, victims might incur emotional losses. Such losses are also compensable in car accident lawsuits in Conshohocken.

    In Pennsylvania, non-economic damages can compensate victims for various losses including mental anguish, loss of enjoyment of life, disfigurement, physical pain and suffering, and other emotional losses. Juries are instructed to consider various factors when awarding emotional damages to a victim, such as their age, the severity of their injuries, and the expected impact those injuries will have on their life moving forward.

    To prove you deserve compensation for such damages, we can use testimony from mental health professionals as well as your own personal statements regarding your pain and suffering. These compensatory damages are not capped for car accident victims in Pennsylvania. Victims with full tort auto insurance can file lawsuits without meeting the serious injury threshold. Victims with limited tort insurance must establish that their injuries meet the definition of serious injury set out in 75 Pa.C.S. § 1702 to sue for pain and suffering in Conshohocken.

    Serious injuries include those that result in death, serious impairment of a body function, or permanent and serious disfigurement. Our lawyers can compare your injuries to Pennsylvania’s tort threshold to determine if you can recover non-financial damages in your claim.

    Generally speaking, punitive damages are only recoverable in cases involving gross negligence or recklessness. For example, victims hurt because of drunk drivers might be awarded punitive damages at trial in Conshohocken.

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