Who’s Liable When a Child is Seriously Injured on a Trampoline?

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    Every parent’s worst nightmare is that their child will be seriously injured. If such injuries occur on a trampoline, who could be held responsible?

    Depending on the cause of a trampoline accident that caused injury to a child, the trampoline owner, manufacturer, or park might be liable for the child’s injuries. Generally, parents bring claims on behalf of their children to recover damages for medical expenses. If a parent does not sue while their child is a minor, the victim can bring a case themselves when they reach majority age. Injuries from trampoline accidents include spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, sprains, and others. No injury is minor, and any injury that results in damages is deserving of compensation.

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    Who is Liable for Trampoline Accidents that Injure Children?

    If your child was recently injured when using a trampoline, whether owned by you or someone else, you might have cause to bring a compensation claim. In these types of accidents, several parties can be held liable, depending on the situation.

    Trampoline Owners

    The owner of the trampoline might be partially liable for injuries sustained by a child while playing. For example, suppose your neighbor has a trampoline, and they invite your children over to play. If there is a hole in the trampoline or a rip in the protective netting, your child might be injured. Because the trampoline is on your neighbor’s property, and it is your neighbor’s responsibility to maintain their property and remove hazards that might cause injury to others, they could be held liable in a lawsuit Furthermore, if the trampoline owner was the supervising adult in the situation, and their failure to monitor the child allowed the accident and injury to occur, they could also be held responsible. Suing a neighbor or someone known to you and your child can be uncomfortable, and our West Chester, PA personal injury lawyers can help you navigate the situation so that it can be resolved as smoothly as possible.

    Trampoline Manufacturers

    In other instances, the manufacturer of the trampoline might be responsible for injuries caused to a child. Manufacturers that produce defective trampolines that degrade too quickly or are not strong enough to support the weight of children can be found negligent. Now, it is important to understand that manufacturers might only be held liable when their negligent or reckless acts contribute to accidents. The fact that a child was injured on a trampoline is not reason enough on its own for a parent to sue a trampoline manufacturer. Our attorneys can assess your situation to determine if there is a case against the manufacturer and can advise you on how to best move forward from there.

    Trampoline Parks

    In recent years, trampoline parks have significantly increased in popularity for recreational fun and child birthday parties. Generally, trampoline parks require patrons to sign waivers that preclude them from suing should an injury occur. That said, there might be some exceptions in cases where an employee’s negligence directly causes a child to sustain serious injuries while at a trampoline park. If you can sue a trampoline park for negligence, doing so might be the best course of action as it might allow you to recover greater compensatory damages.

    Who Can Hold a Liable Party Responsble for a Child Trampoline Accident?

    When children are injured because of negligence, they cannot file claims themselves. Because they are minors, their parent or guardian will have to file a case on their behalf unless they wait until they reach majority age to sue.

    If your child was hurt while having fun on a trampoline, they cannot file a compensation claim themselves, as minors cannot pursue litigation. Parents can sue on behalf of their children to get relief from medical bills and other expenses that were incurred because of a child’s trampoline injuries. In these situations, parents will have two years from the date their child’s accident occurred to sue in Pennsylvania. If you live in another state, you may have to follow a different statute of limitations.

    Those injured in trampoline accidents as minors can sue negligent parties once they reach majority age. Generally, this is when a child turns 18. From that point, the statute of limitations will begin counting down, leaving minor victims generally until their early twenties to sue for compensatory damages, depending on where they live.

    Common Trampoline Accident Injuries for Child Victims

    Children are generally more prone to injury than adults, so much so that they might be hurt in the simplest of accidents. Trampolines present significant dangers to children and can even cause life-altering injuries.

    Common trampoline accidents include falling off a trampoline, jumping through the netting, or getting hurt because of a trampoline collapsing. These incidents often lead to serious injuries, such as broken bones, head injuries, spinal cord injuries, and more. Children might sustain sprains, strains, bruising, or contusions. These types of accidents are often emotionally scarring for children, as the pain and fear they might feel in the moments following an incident could be jarring.

    It is crucial that children get immediate medical care if they are hurt in a trampoline accident, as injuries that are not treated right away might negatively impact a child’s growth and development. This is true even if your child does not appear significantly injured at first. Children are resilient, and they might not have the vocabulary to explain the pain that they feel. To be safe, take your child to the hospital and follow doctors’ advice regarding treatment.

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