Who Should I Call First After a Slip and Fall Accident in Philadelphia?

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    Many find it difficult to think clearly after sustaining injury in a slip and fall. The most important call that you should make after suffering a fall on someone else’s property is to 911 so that you can get emergency medical treatment and an official police report as necessary.

    It is also important and helpful to call your attorney after a slip and fall, but you should not worry about taking this step before getting medical attention. Getting a thorough evaluation and diagnosis of your condition is the most important piece of both your physical and monetary recovery.

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    Should You Call 911 After a Slip and Fall Accident in Philadelphia?

    After being injured in any slip and fall accident, it is always best to call 911 to get immediate medical care at the scene of the accident. This is particularly important in situations where the head, neck, or spine may have been affected by the force of the fall. Emergency medical technicians will use proper protocol to secure the head and neck while moving the victim to prevent further harm from occurring.

    Calling 911 after a slip and fall also serves another purpose, particularly if the slip and fall occurred on public property. The dispatcher can also send law enforcement to the scene of the accident to document what exactly occurred. Their findings will go into an official police report which will be made available to you at a later time. You can use this report in your later dealings with insurance representatives or in preparing legal filings to obtain recovery for your injuries.

    Even if you feel like your injuries do not require immediate medical care on site, you can still utilize this resource to prevent further harm and establish documentation of your accident. You should never feel guilty about calling for emergency services. The job of these first responders is to make sure that you are safe, so alerting them to your physical distress is a natural response in a slip and fall accident.

    What Else Should You Do After a Slip and Fall Accident in Philadelphia?

    Aside from calling emergency services, there are several steps that you can take at the scene of your accident (if you are physically able) that can make your monetary recovery more attainable. Our Philadelphia slip and fall injury attorneys have outlined a few of these essential tips below.

    Take Pictures of the Accident Scene

    If you or others are physically capable, do your best to document the scene of the accident while you are there. You can do this by taking pictures of anything that might be relevant to your accident. Establishing evidence of factors such as spills on the floor, loose flooring, broken stairs, or the lack of hand support in the area where you fell will likely prove vital down the line.

    Talk to Eyewitnesses

    Another critical source of evidence of how your accident occurred is the testimony of those who saw it. This is also the most difficult form of evidence to track down after you leave the scene of the accident. You should attempt to get contact information from any cooperative bystanders so that you can reach out to them for help when pursuing your compensation.

    Report the Slip and Fall

    The way to report a slip and fall depends largely on where it happens. If you slipped and fell on private commercial grounds, such as a retail store or a construction site, the property owner or managing authority will typically have a process in place for filing a report. Be sure to speak with whoever is in charge of the premises to find out exactly what must be done to file a report.

    If you slipped and fell on private residential property or public property, calling 911 is even more vital. The responding law enforcement unit will prepare an official record that your Delaware County personal injury lawyer can help you obtain once it is published.

    Call Your Philadelphia Personal Injury Attorney

    If you are ever injured on someone else’s property as a result of a slip and fall, you should always contact legal counsel to determine whether you have the opportunity to recover monetary compensation. By reaching out to your Allentown slip and fall injury lawyer early, you can get critical help in properly reporting your incident, assessing your potential claim, and communicating with any relevant insurance companies.

    When Should You Call a Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyer After a Slip and Fall?

    Reaching out for legal assistance is a critical step in your attempt to recover monetary damages after injuries suffered in a slip and fall. However, there are a few steps that take priority over calling your attorney.

    You should always seek medical attention first after a slip and fall injury before reaching out to your lawyer. If you do not receive emergency medical services at the scene of the accident, you should go immediately to your nearest hospital emergency room for a thorough medical analysis of your condition. This may reveal the existence of injuries that you did not even realize you suffered. Your lawyer will use your medical record to help you work out options and a strategy to recover the compensation that you deserve.

    Once you have gotten medical attention, you will want to contact your lawyer as soon as possible. Depending on where you sustained your injury and who was responsible, your case faces certain deadlines on reporting the injury, notifying the at-fault parties, and filing your actual lawsuit in court. By reaching out for legal help early, you can avoid the unfortunate possibility of missing any of the critical deadlines that may apply to your case.

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