What Types of Cases Can a Personal Injury Lawyer Take?

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    If another person’s negligence has left you injured and in need of compensation, our lawyers can help you hold the liable party accountable.

    Our attorneys can help victims file personal injury lawsuits for various accidents due to negligence. For example, our lawyers can help you bring a claim following an auto accident caused by a negligent driver. We can also take claims stemming from premises liability accidents, as property owners are liable for injuries sustained on their properties due to their negligence. Other common reasons for personal injury claims include defective product accidents and instances of medical malpractice. While all these cases fall underneath the umbrella of personal injury, they are unique and present their own challenges, which is why investigating an accident and initiating a claim as soon as possible is often important.

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    Types of Personal Injury Cases Our Lawyers Can Take

    Our lawyers can take on a variety of personal injury issues, from matters stemming from auto accidents to medical malpractice cases. Generally speaking, if another person or entity negligently injures you, our lawyers can help you sue them for compensatory damages.

    Auto Accident Cases

    Car accidents cause a large number of personal injuries annually. After an accident, our Manayunk personal injury lawyers can explain your next steps and options for recovery. For example, if you live in a no-fault state like Pennsylvania, you might have to prove serious injury to sue for certain damages.

    Even minor auto accidents like fender-benders can cause injuries that warrant compensation. Common car accident injuries include whiplash, facial fractures, broken bones, lacerations, contusions, head injuries, and more. Not all injuries are obvious right away, so victims should report all car accidents, including minor ones with minor property damage. Victims should also get medical attention immediately after auto accidents, no matter how serious.

    Our lawyers can help you obtain the police report after the accident. We may also get an accident reconstruction expert to review the property damage to your vehicle and the negligent driver’s car to determine the accident’s cause. We can interview eyewitnesses, obtain security camera footage, and compile additional evidence of negligence to prove liability for your injuries.

    In addition to car accidents, our lawyers can also take cases for pedestrian, bike, truck, motorcycle, bus, and other motor vehicle accidents that injure victims.

    Premises Liability Claims

    Premises liability is a subset of personal injury. It refers to a property owner’s liability for injuries due to the negligence. For example, if a restaurant owner fails to clean up a spill, causing you to slip on it and fall, breaking your leg, the restaurant owner would be liable. Their liability would stem from the fact that they had a responsibility to ensure a reasonably safe environment for patrons but failed to do so by addressing an obvious hazard, the spill.

    You can file a premises liability claim for accidents due to negligence on another person’s property. This might include accidents that take place in apartment building common areas or someone else’s home, as well as commercial establishments.

    After an accident, our lawyers can see if you have a case. We can help you identify a breach of duty of care where you might not have known one existed. For example, if you slipped on the icy steps of your apartment building, breaking your wrist in the process, your landlord might be liable. If your lease stipulates that your landlord is responsible for maintaining icy steps in the winter but fails to do so and you fall, you can sue them for compensation.

    Product Liability Cases

    Accidents due to defective products might happen in residences or in the workplace. For example, suppose you just bought a new microwave, and upon first use, it exploded, burning you. If the microwave exploded due to negligent production practices, the microwave manufacturer might be liable for your injuries.

    When defective product accidents happen at work, hurt employees might also be able to file third-party workplace injury lawsuits against negligent product manufacturers.

    Pursuing defective product accident lawsuits can be challenging, as we may have to go far back in the chain of supply to determine who, along the way, acted negligently, damaging the product or failing to recognize its issues. Prioritize your case by documenting the accident right after it happens and getting medical attention.

    Medical Malpractice Claims

    Medical malpractice is a type of personal injury caused by a doctor’s negligence. Medical malpractice might manifest in various ways, such as failing to diagnose and treat a patient, failing to prescribe a patient the right medication, negligence during birth and delivery, and leaving foreign objects behind during surgery, among many others. Any failure to provide a patient with a reasonable level of care might be medical malpractice. Victims may file medical malpractice claims against negligent doctors and the hospitals that employ them.

    Some states impose a different statute of limitations or provide more exceptions to the statute of limitations for medical malpractice claims than other personal injury claims. Our lawyers can explain how the filing deadline applies to your case specifically so that you do not miss the statute of limitations.

    Furthermore, victims might be more likely to get tolling for delayed discovery in these types of lawsuits, as injuries due to medical malpractice sometimes take time to appear. For example, if a surgeon left behind a foreign object during surgery, it might be weeks or months before the victim notices complications.

    After sustaining injuries due to medical malpractice, get further medical care from a different provider. Confirm the cause of your injuries or complications and get any additional treatment you need.

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