What Evidence Proves Pain and Suffering in Pennsylvania?

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    In addition to recovering economic damages like medical expenses and lost wages, you may also obtain payment for the physical pain and emotional distress caused by your personal injury. However, the process for obtaining these damages can be difficult without support from legal representation.

    A complex array of evidence may be needed to support a claim for pain and suffering damages in Pennsylvania. For example, medical records, expert witness testimony, lay witness testimony, and employment records may all be used. Our team is prepared to help gather and present such evidence in your case. We will work relentlessly to recover the payment you rightfully deserve.

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    Examples of Evidence Used to Support a Claim for Pain and Suffering Damages in Pennsylvania

    You may utilize many different types of evidence to support a claim for payment related to pain and suffering. The following are some examples of what our Pennsylvania personal injury lawyers may use in your case:

    Medical Records

    Your medical records will play a crucial role in proving pain and suffering in your personal injury case. These records will offer detailed documentation of your injuries, treatments, and the ongoing impact on your health.

    There is a wide range of information from your medical records that may be utilized. For instance, notes from emergency room visits and hospital stays may be used to demonstrate how much pain you were in. Further, your records may offer proof of the long-term effects of your injuries and the ongoing treatments you will require. This information will be pivotal in establishing the full extent of damages stemming from your pain and suffering.

    Testimony from Expert Witnesses

    Witnesses are considered experts after they have completed the requisite experience, training, and education in their specific fields. There are multiple types of expert witnesses that may be summoned to support a claim for pain and suffering damages in your case.

    For instance, a medical expert may be called on to explain the nature of your injuries and the challenges you will face during the recovery process. Moreover, they may talk about the painful side effects caused by the necessary treatments and therapies you will require.

    Additionally, vocational experts may be summoned to testify about how your injury negatively impacted your ability to work and earn an income. Further, psychological experts may be called on to provide insights into the mental distress caused by your injuries. In any case, support from our experienced legal professionals can be invaluable when tracking down the right experts for you.

    Testimony from Victims

    Your personal testimony may also be used to demonstrate the pain and suffering caused by your injuries. You can describe how the injury has affected your daily life, your physical and emotional pain, and your overall well-being.

    For example, you may talk about how your injury prevents you from playing with your children or taking your dog for a walk. Additionally, you may thoroughly describe the discomfort you endure when partaking in your preferred hobbies and activities. This firsthand account provides a vivid and personal perspective on the suffering you have endured.

    It can benefit you to maintain a journal that chronicles the daily progress of your pain levels. This continuous record can be used to form a holistic perspective of the harm you incurred.

    Testimony from Other Lay Witnesses

    Furthermore, testimony may be presented from other witnesses who have additional perspectives on how your injury has impacted your life. For example, friends and family may provide observations about changes in your behavior, your irritable mood, and your inability to engage in everyday activities. They can also describe how your injury has affected your interactions with others and your participation in social events.

    This testimony will help corroborate your personal account and provide a fuller understanding of your physical pain and emotional anguish.

    Photographs and Videos

    Photographs and videos of your injuries and physical limitations can serve as powerful evidence for pain and suffering damages.

    For instance, a video may be used to show just how limited you are in performing daily tasks like making your bed and getting dressed. Further, photos of your injuries and scarring may be presented to show just how severely you were hurt. Our legal team can help you gather and present visual aids that serve as compelling evidence for your claim.

    Employment Records

    Lastly, your employment records may be used to demonstrate how your injury has affected your work life.

    Evidence of missed work, changes in job responsibilities, and reductions in income can highlight the broader impact of your injury on your ability to work and earn income. Also, letters from your employer or colleagues can provide additional context on the challenges your injury has produced in your professional life.

    How Our Lawyers Can Help When Gathering Evidence for a Pain and Suffering Claim in Pennsylvania

    Support from our attorneys can be very important when gathering the evidence required to recover maximum pain and suffering damages. We have the skills and experience necessary to identify the types of evidence that will be most compelling in your case. Furthermore, we know how to effectively document your injuries, treatments, and the ongoing impact on your life.

    We will also help you navigate the legal procedures involved in obtaining medical and employment records, ensuring that all necessary documentation is collected and properly authenticated. Additionally, as previously mentioned, we may coordinate with medical professionals and other experts to secure testimony that supports your claim.

    If your case goes to court, our legal professionals will present your evidence persuasively. After presenting a strong case, you may hopefully be awarded maximum payment for your pain and suffering.

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