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I-95 Delaware Truck Accident Attorney

Interstate 95 is one of the largest highways in the United States, and serves most of the East Coast.  The highway runs all the way from Florida to the Canadian border, and passes through almost every large city along the coast.  Anyone from Delaware, or who regularly drives through Delaware, recognizes it as the main artery that connects Wilmington and Philadelphia.

Every year, there are over 3,000 deaths in the United States from car crashes involving trucks.  In the vast majority of these crashes, the drivers and passengers of the regular cars are the ones who die – not the truck drivers and passengers.  If your loved one has died in a crash involving a truck on I-95 in Delaware, this information may help you decide how to move forward.

Injuries from Truck Accidents

Car crashes are some of the most dangerous things that people ever go through in their lives, and many times, they are the thing that ends their lives.  If you are lucky enough to walk away from a car crash, especially one involving a tractor-trailer, you may still face numerous injuries, including:

These injuries are all common results of car crashes, but many who are involved in a car crash do not survive.

Some injuries are not immediately obvious after a car crash and can take days to become obvious.  Especially for injuries to the head, brain, neck, and back, it can take days for these injuries to become obvious.  Sometimes, it is not until the next day or even weeks later that spinal cord trauma or brain injury is even noticeable.

Can I Get Compensated for My Injuries?

Luckily, in Delaware and throughout the rest of the United States, people who are injured in car crashes have ways to try and get their lives back together.  Most drivers, especially truck drivers working for large trucking companies, follow state rules requiring minimum insurance coverage.  Just because there are rules and insurance plans in place does not mean that getting financial compensation for truck accident injuries can be easy.

Often, truck drivers are working to support themselves and their families, and as such, are not often financially equipped to reimburse those hurt in a truck accident.  Luckily, though, there are ways that trucking companies or truck manufacturers can be held accountable for the actions of their truckers and the failures of their trucks’ mechanical functions.  Because of this, there is often someone who can be held financially accountable for death or injuries in a trucking accident.

Any medical bills, medical treatment, or future necessary medical care can be reimbursed, but there are other harms that courts across the country are also able to redress.  It is simple enough to put a price tag on medical services, but it is more difficult to say how much your pain and suffering is worth.  Delaware allows people who are injured to recover not only the cost of their medical treatment but also for the pain and suffering they sustained in the injury.  Unlike many states, Delaware has no limit as to how much someone can recover for pain and suffering.  Additionally, if you missed work, lost your job because of your injuries, or had to hire help around the house, you (and possibly even your spouse) should be able to recover for these costs, too.

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Depending on your case, there may even be punitive damages available to you.  Sometimes companies intentionally break rules to seek higher profits.  In the trucking business, this may occur in situations where drivers or trucks are put back into service without following proper rules for rest and repair in order to move more freight.  Drivers may be willing to work extra hours, work longer runs at a time, or abuse drugs to stay alert, all in order to take home a bigger paycheck.  Because of these incentives to break the rules, courts may be willing to punish trucking companies by awarding victims additional money to teach trucking companies to obey the rules.  Like pain and suffering, in Delaware, there is no limit on these damages.

Speak with an I-95 Delaware Truck Accident Attorney

After being involved in a crash with a truck, it is obviously important to seek medical care, but you may also want to seek legal representation.  The Reiff Law Firm is a multistate team of personal injury lawyers that can help you sue big truck companies to get compensation when you are injured by trucks.  If you have been injured or lost a loved one to a truck accident, call The Reiff Law Firm (215) 709-6940 or contact us online.