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I-676 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Commercial Truck Accident Lawyer

I-676 is one of Southeast Pennsylvania’sand southeastern New Jersey’s major thoroughfares. The road travels through Center City, Philadelphia, where it is known as the Vine Street Expressway, and also continues into Camden, New Jersey. On the New Jersey side, it is known as the North-South freeway and also the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Highway. In Philadelphia, the road begins around Fairmont Park. Traveling through Center City, Philadelphia I-676 passes by some of the historical landmarks including Independence Mall before it continues on to the Ben Franklin Bridge. After Crossing into New Jersey, I-676 travels down into Gloucester where the road provides access to the Walt Whitman Bridge.

A mix of heavy commercial traffic and passenger traffic travels over Interstate 676. This mixed traffic can lead to major accidents where much larger commercial trucks inflict severe damage on commuter vehicles and their occupants. While the road is limited in length compared to many other highways, it does provide access to many important areas in both Philadelphia and in New Jersey.

I-676 Provides Access to Many Roads and Landmarks for Trucks and Commuters Alike

Starting from the West in Pennsylvania,  I-676 provides access to U.S. 76, Route 30, and the Philadelphia International Airport. Furthermore, the Philadelphia Zoo on Septa 30th Street Station can be easily accessed from this area. From there, the road continues through Center City, Philadelphia providing access to Broad Street, Chinatown, Market Street, The Pennsylvania Convention Center, Independence Hall,  and Penn’s Landing. After crossing the Delaware River over the Benjamin Franklin Bridge, access to Rutgers University and downtown Camden is immediately available. Furthermore, 676 in New Jersey provides access to U.S. 30,  U.S. 130, to the New Jersey Turnpike, and to I-676  West which continues to the Walt Whitman Bridge taking a driver back into Philadelphia.  The Eastern Terminus of the road is in Gloucester City New Jersey where are the driver can access I-76, I-295,  and Route 42.

Why Can Serious Trucking Accidents Occur on Highways Like I-676?

There are many reasons why serious accidents can occur on roads like I 676. In most scenarios, a combination of factors combines to make an accident imminent and unavoidable. Some of these factors include:

  • Rapid changes in the character of the road — The rapid change in the character or nature of the road can take drivers of passenger vehicles or commercial trucks unaware. I-676 passes through Urban congested areas where the road’s character can quickly shift from a highway to a surface road. Driver’s that fail to anticipate these changes can panic and make poor decisions.
  • The high speed of travel — Many aspects of the modern world would not be possible without high-speed travel. However the faster a vehicle travels the less time the driver has to react or correct  for  mistakes he or she or another driver may make.
  • Size and weight of trucks — simple physics also dictate that trucks are perhaps more likely to become  involved in an accident when they are not driven extremely cautiously. The weight of the truck significantly increases braking distances required to bring the truck to a halt. Furthermore, the size and weight of the truck also means that the vehicle cannot easily maneuver at the last minute to avoid collisions.

The above covers only some of the reasons why trucks can get into serious accidents with passenger vehicles or other commercial vehicles.  In most circumstances, a confluence of factors makes an accident unavoidable.

Why Do Truck Accidents Typically Produce More Severe Injuries?

The reasons why Trucking accidents often produce more severe injuries that may even be fatal  once again comes down to simple physics.  Any single force involved in an accident  can be expressed as Force equals mass times the acceleration (F=ma). While the exact kinematics behind a car crash are certainly more complex,  this basic equation reveals that the significantly greater mass it of a commercial truck increases the amount of force present in an accident.  these violent forces act upon the vehicle and the body inflicting significant damage and severe injuries.

Aside from the forces involved in the accident,  some trucks also carry dangerous cargo or hazardous cargo.  Furthermore, trucks carry hundreds of gallons of diesel fuel that can ignite during the course of an accident creating a blazing Inferno. Finally, trucks can also jackknife or otherwise tip over during an accident potentially crushing passenger vehicles and their occupants.

Personal Injury Laws Can Fight for You

If you’ve suffered a serious injury in a commercial trucking accident due to negligence, careless, or reckless driving,  or simply because the commercial truck was in an unsafe condition you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries and other damages.  contact the lawyers of Reiff Law Firm’s Truck Accident Team today to discuss your legal options. For a free and confidential consultation call (215) 709-6940 or contact us online