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I-10 Near El Paso, Texas Truck Accident Lawyer

El Paso, Texas is tucked into the southwestern corner of Texas on the U.S.-Mexico border. El Paso is situated n the Rio Grande River, also known in Spanish as the Río Bravo del Norte. The city of El Paso is situated across from the Mexican city of Ciudad Juárez located in Chihuahua, Mexico. Along with Cruces in the state of New Mexico, the cities for a tri-city international metropolitan area that is home to nearly 3 million people. El Paso–Juárez–Las Cruces is the largest bilingual and binational workforce in the entire Western Hemisphere.

The City of El Paso has what is known as an International Bridges Department. This Department manages each of the three major ports of entry into the United States. The ports of entry are the Paso Del Norte Bridge at 1000 S. El Paso Street, the Stanton Street Bridge or “Good Neighbor Bridge” at 1001 South Stanton St., and the  Zaragoza Bridge is officially known as the Ysleta Bridge at 791 Zaragoza St. According to statistics from 2011, more than 3.6 million passenger vehicles and over 300,000 commercial trucks. Furthermore, approximately 4.2 million pedestrians cross the bridge on an annual basis.

The high volume of international truck traffic traveling through the area combined with passenger and pedestrian traffic means that the risk of an accident is significant in the area. When commercial truck accidents involve passenger vehicles, like cars and trucks, or pedestrians the consequences can be catastrophic. In many cases, severe injuries like broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, and organ damage occur. In some cases, the injuries are so severe, they are fatal.

truck accident lawyers - I-10 Near El Paso, Texas Truck Accident Lawyer

El Paso Is Served by Many Highways and Freeways Including I-10 and U.S. 85

Aside from the three international bridges, there are a number of highways on which passenger and freight traffic travels. One of the major thoroughfares is the interstate highway I-10. I-10 runs from Santa Monica California near the Port of Long Beach and the Port of Long Beach through Texas and other states to its eastern terminus in Jacksonville, Florida.

I-10 provides access to many of the major roads and attractions in and around the El Paso area. As such, the road is highly traveled and traffic volumes can be quite high. I-10 in El Paso begins at exit 5 at Check Station and provides access to Loop 375, Artcraft Road (SH 178), Redd Road, Mesa Street (SH 20), and Resler Drive before connecting with U.S. 85.  I-10 also provides access to Downtown El Paso including the El Paso Convention Center and the Arts District. As the highway heads westward, it provides connections with Loop 478, U.S. 54, I-110, U.S. 62, and U.S. 180 before connecting with Airway Blvd and the El Paso Airport. Following the El Paso Airport, the road provides connections to FM 2316 and Del Sol Medical Center-East. As the highway moves out of El Paso, access to FM 659 (Zaragosa Rd.), Loop 375, FM 1281, FM 1110, and FM 793 are provided.

Why Do Commercial Trucking Accidents Occur in El Paso and on I-80?

Commercial trucking accidents can occur for a variety of reasons. In some cases, a single factor can cause the accident. However, in most cases, more than one factor combines to the point where an accident become unavoidable. Common reasons for serious accidents involving  semis, 18-wheelers, and other commercial trucks includes:

  • Mechanical problems with the commercial motor vehicle (CMV) – Mechanical issues with trucks are supposed to be avoided through regular inspections and maintenance. However, some trucking companies are less meticulous with ensuring that their vehicles are in sound condition. Problems with a truck significantly increase the chances of a loss of vehicle control.
  • Fatigued CMV driver – A fatigued driver is a hazard for all vehicles in the truck’s vicinity. Tired or exhausted drivers have slowed reaction times and can make poor decisions increasing the odds of a collision. While hours of service rules are supposed to minimize this risk, some drivers skirt or neglect this duty.
  • Drunk or drugged truck driver – A commercial driver who drinks alcohol before getting behind the wheel or who takes illegal drugs or certain prescription drugs before driving greatly increase the odds of an accident. Intoxicating substances can impair decision-making and cause other effects making an accident more likely.

truck accident lawyers - I-10 Near El Paso, Texas Truck Accident Lawyer

These are only a few of the conditions that can increase the likelihood of an accident. Other contributing factors to an accident include poor weather conditions, aggressive or unsafe driving, variable traffic conditions, and other factors.

Injured in a Truck Accident on I-10 Near El Paso?

If you have been involved in a serious commercial truck accident with an 18 wheeler or other commercial truck, you may be entitled to damages. Commercial trucks large size and significant weight often mean that the injuries inflicted are significantly worse than those typically suffered in other accidents. The truck accident injury lawyers of Reiff Law Firm’s The Truck Accident Team may be able to fight for you. To schedule a free and confidential consultation call (215) 246-9000 or contact us online today.