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    Life insurance benefits could be a significant financial asset. While they represent the goodwill of the person who listed you as a beneficiary, they are also used for practical expenses such as funeral and burial costs. If your life insurance claim is denied, it could put an economic strain on you and your family.

    You should contact the Reiff Law Firm if you believe you are entitled to life insurance benefits that were either denied or are purposefully being delayed. Our experienced Philadelphia life insurance claim denial attorneys have provided professional and vigorous representation for decades. To schedule a free, confidential appointment, call the Reiff Law Firm at (215) 709-6940.

    Reasons Life Insurance Claims Are Denied in Philadelphia

    In most cases, when a person files a life insurance claim, the insurance company pays the individual the benefits they deserve. Unfortunately, that is not always the situation. There are some common reasons insurance companies deny life insurance benefits. Not every one of these reasons is fair and many denials are not justified.

    Missed Payments

    One of the most common allegations an insurance company will make is that an insured individual failed to make their required payments. If the policy has lapsed, then the insurance provider will deny your benefits. However, just because an insurance company alleged payments were not made does not necessarily mean that it is true. Your claim should not be denied if a payment or two was late. Therefore, it is critical to keep detailed records of all premium payments that are made. If you have been denied benefits, providing our Philadelphia life insurance claim denial attorney a complete transaction history will assist when appealing or fighting the denial.

    Material Misrepresentations or Omissions

    In some cases, an insurance company will allege that an insured made a material misrepresentation of their application that voids their policy. Not every mistake, error, or omission is a material misrepresentation. Just because an insurance provider is saying it was, does not mean that the error legally constitutes a material misrepresentation. For benefits to be lawfully denied because of misrepresentation, it needs to be a significant lie, such as omitting crucial information about an insured’s medical history or lying about their age. An insurance company will usually not cancel or deny a policy when the misrepresentation is made. However, any mistake or omission will only be questioned when it is time to pay on a policy.

    Excluded Types of Death

    Life insurance policies rarely cover every sort of death. For example, nearly policy excludes suicide as a covered cause of death. In addition, some accidental deaths are also excluded. It is essential to thoroughly review the terms and language of your policy with an experienced Philadelphia life insurance lawyer. Furthermore, if an insurance provider denies your life insurance claim based on the cause of death, you could still fight the decision by further investigating the death or providing evidence to refute the insurance provider’s determination.

    Lack of Documentation

    Life insurance claims in Philadelphia are also denied for the lack of documentation. Just because you failed to provide a death certificate does not mean your benefits should be denied. However, that does not mean that the process is not complicated and document-heavy. With the assistance of a knowledgeable Philadelphia life insurance attorney, you could help ensure that all the required documents are given to the insurance provider.

    In other cases, an insurance company will delay paying on a claim instead of denying it outright. When someone needs these benefits to move forward, it could create a significant financial hardship. Even if that is not the case, any delay is frustrating. Unfortunately, there are times an insurance company will delay a claim in an attempt to avoid paying on a policy.

    Legal Options if You Are Denied Life Insurance Benefits in Philadelphia

    People have life insurance policies to provide for and protect their loved ones and family after their death. In most cases, the insured signed a contract in good faith and made their required premium payments. Insurance companies are in the business of making a profit. Collecting premium payments is one way this goal is accomplished. Unfortunately, another way to increase profits is by avoiding or denying benefits on an insurance claim.

    Our Philadelphia life insurance denial attorney will work aggressively to address your denied or delayed claim. Part of that process is understanding the underlying cause for the denial and gathering evidence to counter the insurance provider’s decision.

    One of the first things our office will do is thoroughly examine the original policy to understand all the terms, provisions, and exceptions. Next, our office will ensure that an appeal is filed on a timely basis. It is critical not to hesitate in seeking legal counsel to avoid missing any critical deadlines.

    The insurance company should have provided you a denial letter that explains why your claim was denied. This letter will allow our office to begin building a counter-argument. However, even if the denial letter is explicit, we will still require further clarification from your insurance provider.

    As with any lawsuit, an appeal will depend on the strength of the evidence presented. Once the reasons for the denial are understood, the next step is gathering documentation to support your appeal. What documentation is necessary will depend on the reason for the denial and could include autopsy reports, a death certificate, bank records, or other documents relating to your case.

    Contact Our Philadelphia Life Insurance Claim Denial Attorney for a Free Consultation

    The laws and regulations that govern insurance companies and life insurance policies are complicated. Anyone who listed you as a beneficiary on their life insurance policy wanted to provide for you upon their death. If an insurance company wrongfully denies or delays your life insurance claim, you need the assistance of our Philadelphia life insurance claim denial attorney. Our lawyers and staff understand the state and federal laws that control the insurance industry and have the resources to fight for your rights. Call the Reiff Law Firm at (215) 709-6940 to schedule a free, confidential consultation.

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