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    When you submit a claim to your insurance company, you anticipate your provider will act in good faith and honor a legitimate claim. However, many times insurance companies work to avoid paying claims or minimize the amount they are required to distribute. If you are in dispute with your insurance company, you need professional and legal assistance – the insurance companies have lawyers working for them.

    If you believe your insurance company is not honoring the contractual terms of the policy, contact our Philadelphia lawyer who sues insurance companies. We partner with our clients to fight insurance companies and work to hold them accountable if they fail to meet their obligations. To schedule a free appointment, call the Reiff Law Firm at (215) 709-6940.

    Responsibility of Insurance Companies in Philadelphia

    Insurance policies serve many purposes, though the general goal is to provide protection or a safety net in case of an accident, unforeseen property damage, sickness, or death. For a monthly premium, people in Philadelphia believe they are buying peace of mind. However, insurance companies are not always readily enthusiastic about paying every claim. In fact, insurance companies will often work to offer the minimum compensation on a filed claim. It is not uncommon for companies to entirely reject a claim. It is important to remember that even though you are paying a monthly premium, an insurance company is not working for your benefit. Believe it or not, some insurance providers will deny legitimate claims and only investigate them further if the policyholder raises an issue.

    Insurance companies will employ various tactics to increase their profits and not provide compensation for every claim. This could include making the claims process difficult, overwhelming the insured with long, complicated documents, or failing to accept evidence or denying your claim for dubious reasons. Furthermore, an insurance company could add frivolous fees to your claim to minimize the payout.

    Suing for Denial of Philadelphia Insurance Claims

    Your insurance company is as much a party to the original insurance contract as you are. If your claim has been delayed or denied by your provider without a substantiated reason, it could constitute a contractual violation. Often, if an insurance company violates a contractual obligation, it could be acting in bad faith. Some specific examples of bad faith practices include the following.

    • Denying a claim without adequate justification or explanation
    • An unreasonable delay in determining the sufficiency of a claim or providing payment

    Insurance Companies Failing to Provide Coverage in Philadelphia

    Your insurance provider drafted the contract and any other documents your might have signed. Insurance companies often interpret ambiguous language contained in your policy in its favor and draft in actual loopholes to minimize the amount it would have to pay on a legitimate claim. You could have your claim denied based on a loose interpretation of very unclear language in the contract. Our experienced Philadelphia insurance attorneys are skilled at navigating the deviously complicated provisions insurance companies include in their policies.

    Insurance Providers Charging Philadelphians Unfair Charges

    Most insurance rate increases and charges are explained clearly and justified under the terms of the policy. However, there are times when an insurance provider will tack on a fee or raise a premium without an adequate explanation or just reason. There is an expectation that people in Philadelphia will not question every fee or increase. If you believe your insurance carrier has raised its fees without contractual justification or in an attempt to increase your cost, contact our Philadelphia lawyer immediately.

    Hiring a Lawyer to Sue Your Insurance Company in Philadelphia

    If you think that your insurance carrier has acted in bad faith in either denying or investigating a claim, it is essential to contact our office. Additionally, there are several steps you should take to help prepare for potential litigation against your provider.

    Remember to collect documents and take detailed notes. When building a lawsuit against an insurance company providing evidence of every communication and transaction is vital to establishing your provider acted in bad faith. Keep copies of all communications, emails, letters, and take notes of any phone conversations. You should ensure that dates and times are included, as well as the names, titles, and phone numbers of any agent or representative who discussed the matter with you.

    It is also to critical to comply with your obligations under the insurance policy. Ensure that you respond to any correspondence promptly and provide any documents or forms requested. Also, make sure you are courteous and polite during all of your phone communications.

    Once all of the proper documentation and evidence has been gathered, our Philadelphia insurance attorney will begin the process of preparing and filing a lawsuit against your insurance carrier. Before filing a complaint with the court, we will draft a detailed letter to your insurance company, outlining the basis of the claim and the reasons we believe they failed to comply with their obligations under the terms of the insurance policy.

    Call Our Philadelphia Lawyer Who Sues Insurance Companies for a Free Consultation

    When you pay your monthly premiums on an insurance policy, you may hope you never have to utilize it. However, when the unfortunate time comes to file a claim, you expect that your provider will work with you. When this does not occur and your insurance carrier denies your claim without sufficient explanation or if a payment is unreasonably delayed, they could be acting in bad faith. If you believe this to be the case, contact our Philadelphia lawyer who sues insurance companies. Call the Reiff Law Firm at (215) 709-6940 for a free, confidential consultation to review your options.

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