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Montgomery County Propane Gas Tank Explosion Attorneys

Many times propane and gas tanks are improperly constructed or negligently handled causing thousands of people to be catastrophically injured or wrongfully killed due to propane or gas tank explosions. Hundreds of millions of people utilize propane and natural gas in tanks to heat their homes, barbeques, mobile homes, boats, or fuel heaters. In fact, propane is the main source of energy in large tanks outside many residences. Often propane tanks are improperly constructed with design defects or manufacturing flaws or are left in a corrosive state making them prone to a catastrophic incident that can result in the loss of arms, legs, feet, fingers, loss of eyesight, loss of hearing, paresthesia, quadriplegia, and unfortunately many times wrongful death. Many times propane tanks are improperly filled without maintaining proper safeguards and thereafter improperly installed, improperly disposed, improperly transported, or have metallurgical failures, corrosion, and improper inspection of the tank by the gas supplier. A simple mechanical failure or a regulator or hose can lead to fire and explosion. Propane is normally properly odorized with a compound called ethyl mercaptan which is added according to federal industry safety standards to indicate a leak. This has a rotten smell and if you smell it you should immediately turn off all valves and connectors.

Injuries and Burns from Fuel Fed Fires and Explosions in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

If a propane or gas tank or any of its components are defective, heavy gas can collect and settle in an enclosed area and even the slightest spark, static electricity, or a stray flame can cause an emission causing the gas to ignite with resulting widespread catastrophic damages. Often times propane and gas tanks are not stored properly and are left in moist or wet environments where corrosion or rust can develop causing the tank or connectors to fail resulting in leaks.

Our experienced defective product lawyers are aware that many tanks are improperly designed or manufactured with flaws. We understand that defective fuel delivery systems and fuel lines can be the source of fire and fuel fed fire injuries and deaths often trapping unsuspecting individuals in an inferno. Our experts and propane and gas tank explosion lawyers understand that many times gas lines are constructed of inferior materials or improperly placed creating a dangerous and explosive situation. The experienced gas tank explosion lawyers of The Reiff Law Firm have extensive experience dealing with fuel fed fires, propane and gas tank explosions, and burn cases.

Explosion and fuel fed fire cases generally involve a complex interaction of legal theories involving premise liability, negligence, and product liability with specialized technical experience. If a gas or propane tank type explosion occurs, the psychological and financial impact on the victim and the family can be overwhelming and devastating. The skilled propane and gas tank explosion lawyers and investigative team of The Reiff Law Firm have represented generations of Pennsylvanians for over three decades with a track record of success. We always offer a free confidential, no obligation consultation with a no recovery, zero fee guarantee which means we only charge a fee if we make a successful recovery. Let our skilled propane and gas tank explosion lawyers help you determine if you have a viable claim and who should be held accountable.

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