Can You File a Lawsuit if You are Accidentally Shot with a Gun?
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    Can You File a Lawsuit if You are Accidentally Shot with a Gun?

    Every year, thousands of people, especially children and teens, are injured or killed by firearms. In 2002, there were an estimated 30,000 gun-related deaths with over 1,000 caused by unintentional or accidental discharge. While gun safety measures have decreased the number of firearm accidents, thousands of people are still injured, often catastrophically, at no fault of their own.

    How Common are Accidents and Injuries from Firearms?

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that most firearms involved in accidental firearm injuries came from the victim’s home, or the homes of friends or family members. Most of the accidents occur inside a home, as well. Wear, faulty assembly, and poor design can cause a firearm to malfunction, catastrophically injuring or killing innocent people. Gun accidents in Pennsylvania can also occur because of defective or improperly manufactured gun components. If you or a loved one has been involved in a PA gun accident, or a wrongful death gun accident, you may be entitled to receive financial compensation from negligent parties. Our experienced Philadelphia firearm accident lawyers have worked with firearm experts, and will investigate your case fully to evaluate possible defects and design flaws. Our clients have been awarded millions to remunerate them for catastrophic injuries and wrongful death.

    There are several guns, still on the market, with known defects or issues that have caused serious injury. These include the Excam Derringer, Remington Model 700 hunting rifle, Sturm Ruger, and Lorcin pistols. If you or a loved one has been injured due to one of these defective models, contact us and we may be able to provide you with assistance. Our gun accident lawyers and product liability attorneys in Philadelphia have investigated and litigated cases involving intentional shooting, accidents at firing ranges, accidents caused by flaws or manufacturing defects, accidents involving drug and alcohol  use, accidents caused by gun owner negligence, accidents caused by parents failing to supervise, accidents caused by improper warnings, accidents caused by improper maintenance, shooting at a hard surface, improper ammunition use, and accidents caused by defective gun design.

    Non-powdered guns like BB guns, air rifles, pellet guns, and paintball guns can also cause serious and life-threatening injuries. The Consumer Protection & Safety Commission (CPSC) has reported four deaths occur annually from BB gun accidents or defects. Consumers often underestimate the power of a BB gun and the seriousness of injuries that could occur due to a BB gun accident. The CDC estimated around 30,000 people visited the emergency room in the past year for BB gun/non-powdered gun related injuries. The most common injuries resulting from BB gun accidents are to the face, head, neck, and eye, and can cause permanent disability, or death. Because there are no national safety standards for BB guns, the CPSC has issued warnings that most BB gun safety manuals do not include injury-prevention specifications for minors.

    Gun owners and BB gun owners can take several measures to increase the safety of owning a gun, especially if they have children:

    • Place firearms and ammunition in safes or locked away
    • Keep guns and ammunition locked in separate locations
    • Disassemble after use
    • Never leave a gun or guns unattended, when cleaning, for example
    • Teach children and teens about gun safety

    Philadelphia Attorneys Experienced in Injuries Resulting from the Misuse and Malfunction of Guns

    Serious injuries like paralysis, quadriplegia, paraplegia, and traumatic brain injuries caused by defective firearms and shooting accidents can be life changing for not only the victim, but also for the family and those who must care for the victim. For over 50 years, The Reiff Law Firm has successfully represented wrongful death and products liability clients to win them the compensation they need to cover medical costs, and lost wages. We recognize the importance of gun safety and know that mishandling firearms and failing to follow safety protocol can lead to tragedy. We will fight to hold those responsible for you or your loved one’s injury or wrongful death for their negligence.

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