Are Herbal Diet Pills Dangerous?

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    Are Herbal Diet Pills Dangerous?

    In our image-conscious society, people frequently hear messaging that pulls at insecurities one may have regarding one’s body or weight. These social messages seem to convince both men and women that they should look like a movie star in all things that they do. Unfortunately, what the media does not tell people is that most celebrities have personal trainers and other support structures that help them maintain a healthy weight. When a normal person attempts to achieve these difficult goals, they may find extreme difficulty in doing so. Over time, they may become motivated to try herbal supplements and other products marketed as being “natural” and “safe” to aid or expedite their weight loss.

    How Dangerous Are Herbal Pills?

    Because diet pills often contain ingredients that the US Food and Drug Administration has not tested in isolation or in combination, it is often difficult to determine exactly how a person will react to a particular herb or herbal pill containing multiple substances. For instance, while many people tolerate ephedra reasonably well, certain indivduals are particularly sensitive to the substance. As such, this led to ephedra being banned by the FDA for a brief period, however it is now back on the market despite injuries and deaths.

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    There are other factors that can impact the relative safety or danger presented by herbal drugs and supplements. For one, the efficacy and danger of a substance is related to its purity. When cutting agents or other adulterants are added to a drug, the substance may be metabolized in a fashion that differs from what is expected. Interactions between herbs or filling agents can further increase the likelihood of an injury due to an herbal supplement. This risk is more than theoretical. A recent investigation by the New York Attorney General uncovered that supplements sold at major retailers including CVS, Walgreens, Wal-Mart, and Target did not contain the ingredients that were advertised.

    Finally, it is essential to note that, nearly without exception, herbal pills are marketed as a “safe” and “natural” way to avoid pharmaceuticals. However, marketing and representations of this type can go too far when consumers begin to believe that diet pills present no risk or that risks are negligible. Furthermore, simply because a substance is natural does not mean it is harmless. Many naturally occurring substances can cause serious injury or even death. When companies fail to warn about potential interactions, risks, or provide other pertinent information the risk of injury increases significantly.

    If You’ve Been Injured Due To Taking Herbal Diet Pills, Speak with a Philadelphia Product Liability Lawyer

    Generally, companies who sell products in Pennsylvania and required to make sure that they are free from defects and other problems that would result in the injury of an intended user. Furthermore, when products do contain certain dangers or risks, manufacturers must provide sufficient and appropriate instructions or warnings. Therefore, individuals who have suffered serious injury due to an herbal medication or pill can theoretically hold the drug manufacturer liable for their injuries, medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages.

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    Brining a lawsuit against a negligent, careless, or reckless company that fails to manufacture a safe product can actually change the way companies do business throughout the state and nation. Companies found to be engaging in activities that are harmful or dangerous can be made to stop and to reimburse the society and individuals for the harm caused. Thus, the injury victim is not forced to subsidize the behavior of the party who caused the injury. Rather, the damages paid by the responsible party will provide for household stability while the injured person recovers from his or her injuries. Simultaneously, a message is received that such action or inaction is not acceptable under Pennsylvania law thus leading to improved safety outcomes for all consumers.

    What Should You Do if Diet Pills Caused a Heart Attack or a Medical Trauma?

    If you or a loved one are concerned about herbal diet pills and their potentially hazardous side effects, contact our law office for a free consultation. Likewise, if you have taken an herbal diet pill, believe it to have been adulterated, and suffered a medical that was hazardous to your health, you may be entitled to a significant financial settlement or jury award. While every case is different, our Pennsylvania herbal diet pill attorneys are available for free initial evaluations.

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