What to Do if You Are Injured Axe Throwing in Pennsylvania

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    Axe throwing facilities are quickly taking over as a fun way to spend time with friends or have a group outing. But what happens when things go wrong? It is possible for injuries to happen at the axe throwing facilities in Philadelphia, and when they do, it might be possible to hold the axe throwing facility or the person that threw the axe accountable.

    For a free legal consultation to discuss the injuries you sustained at an axe throwing facility in Philadelphia, get in touch with the attorneys from the Reiff Law Firm. Our Philadelphia axe throwing injury attorneys represent axe throwing injury victims and help them get compensation for the medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering that they endured. To speak with an experienced attorney from the Reiff Law Firm, call (215) 709-6940 today.

    Determining Fault in an Axe Throwing Injury Case in Pennsylvania

    Axe throwing facilities are supposed to be part of a fun night out with friends, but accidents can happen and seriously injure you or a loved one. Possible injuries that can happen from axe accidents at an axe throwing facility include serious cuts and lacerations, concussions, traumatic brain injuries, bone fractures, and skull fractures. Of course, it is also possible to be injured by simply walking around the premises of an axe throwing facility without the involvement of an axe; you could slip and fall, get cut on a sharp object, or experience food poisoning if the venue serves food. If you or someone you know suffered any of these injuries, the following information may help you determine who should be held liable.

    Holding Axe Throwing Sites Responsible for Injuries in Pennsylvania

    If you suffered an injury at an axe throwing facility in Philadelphia because the axe throwing area was not properly maintained, axe throwers were not properly instructed on how to throw axes, or axe throwers used broken or poorly maintained equipment, the axe throwing facility might be liable for your injuries. Essentially, if any part of the axe throwing area, axe throwing instructions, or axe throwing equipment caused an unreasonable amount of danger, you may be able to hold the axe throwing venue responsible. Sports and recreation facilities have a duty to provide safe facilities for patrons, and failing to do so is a form of negligence that can be grounds for a personal injury lawsuit.

    Dangerous Premises at Axe Throwing

    If you were injured in an axe throwing facility by the dangerous premises themselves, you might also be able to hold the axe throwing facility responsible for your injuries. If you slipped and suffered an injury because a spill was not cleaned up, were cut by a broken plate or glass, slipped on ice or snow outside the building, tripped on uneven flooring, or fell down stairs that were not properly lit or maintained, you may be able to hold the axe throwing facility responsible for your injuries. Sports and recreation facilities, bars, restaurants, hotels, and other establishments open to the public must be kept reasonably safe and clean for patrons at all times. Failing to maintain safe premises is a form of negligence, which can enable an injury victim to file a personal injury lawsuit.

    Injuries at Axe Throwing Facilities Caused by Drunk and Rowdy Patrons

    Many axe throwing facilities have bars inside of them or allow patrons to bring their own alcohol. If a patron is visibly drunk and they cause an injury to someone else, the staff of the axe throwing facility may be held responsible for the injury since it was negligent to allow the visibly drunk person to handle an axe.

    If you suffered an injury because of another patron’s negligent behavior, you may be able to file a lawsuit against that individual as well, if you cannot sue the venue. If a patron acted dangerously by juggling axes, mishandling axes, or throwing axes anywhere but the designated areas, they could be responsible for the injuries they cause.

    Suing for Injuries at Axe Throwing Facilities in Pennsylvania

    If you were injured at an axe throwing facility in Philadelphia, you may be entitled to compensation. While you may be able to receive some compensation for medical bills and lost wages through the axe throwing facility’s insurance, you likely won’t be able to get all of the damages you deserve. If you file a lawsuit in court, you could be able to receive compensation for not only medical bills and lost wages, but also for pain and suffering.

    If an axe throwing facility’s insurance company approaches you with an offer for a settlement, always consult with a lawyer before accepting anything. It is likely that they will offer you less than what you deserve. If you end up going to court to file a personal injury lawsuit against the facility, a lawyer will be able to help you with your case by collecting evidence and statements from witnesses, defending your rights, and fighting for all of the compensation you deserve.

    Call Our Pennsylvania Axe Throwing Injury Lawyers for Help with Your Injury Case

    If you or someone close to you was injured at an axe throwing facility in Philadelphia, call the Reiff Law Firm today. Our experienced Philadelphia axe throwing injury attorneys can represent victims throughout the area and get them compensation for medical bills and more. If you would like to schedule a free consultation with one of our attorneys, call (215) 709-6940 today.

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