Are There Out-of-Pocket Costs When Filling an Injury Lawsuit in Philadelphia?

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    Getting hurt in an accident generally means incurring damages. The out-of-pocket expenses related to your injuries should be compensable in a lawsuit.

    The term out-of-pocket costs refers to any financial expenses a victim has incurred because of another person’s negligence. This includes costs related to medical care, travel, childcare, modifications to property, long-term assistance, and many more. Victims can also recover compensation for any income they have missed out on because of their injuries. In addition to recovering compensation for all financial losses, provided they can be proven, victims can also recover damages for pain and suffering in a Philadelphia injury case.

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    Examples of Out-of-Pocket Costs in a Philadelphia Injury Case

    An out-of-pocket cost is essentially any expense that you had to pay yourself as a result of a negligent party’s actions in Philadelphia. Provided you can prove these costs were due to the defendant, you can recover compensation for them in your Philadelphia injury case.

    Medical Care

    Although your health insurance might cover some expenses related to medical care following an accident, it will undoubtedly still cost you, which is why you can seek compensation in a lawsuit. Common out-of-pocket costs related to medical treatment include the cost of an ambulance, surgery, prescription medications, medical equipment, physical therapy, and medical supplies. Depending on your injury, you might need crutches or a wheelchair for some time, which can be expensive. Other out-of-pocket costs include in-house hospital beds, house calls from nurses, and long-term medical stays. Insurance might only cover medical expenses up to a point, and then that burden might fall on the victim. To recover compensation for these out-of-pocket expenses, victims should keep all bills and invoices from medical treatment and send that information to our Allentown personal injury lawyers. Our attorneys can then use that documentation as proof of your damages, which will allow you to recover compensation for those out-of-pocket expenses. Victims can also recover compensation for medical costs they have not yet incurred, if they are expected to continue needing medical attention for some time.

    Lost Wages

    In addition to referring to costs you have incurred due to an accident, out-of-pocket costs are somewhat all-encompassing, also referring to other financial damages caused by an incident in Philadelphia. This includes lost income. When you can no longer work because of your injuries, it can be more and more challenging to pay your bills or support your family. Lost wages and diminished earned capacity are compensable damages in an injury case. Proving this loss will require information from your employer and about your income, which is why our attorneys might request access to your tax returns and previous pay stubs.

    Travel Costs

    When a person is injured in Philadelphia and requires medical treatment, that means they may have to frequently travel to and from medical appointments. Victims might sometimes have to see specialists that are located several hours away. Constantly traveling over far distances can add up. This is especially true if victims have to hire drivers to take them to appointments because they cannot drive due to their injuries. Depending on their situation, victims might need to be taken to appointments in medical vans. Parking in hospital parking lots can also be expensive, even when parking is validated. These out-of-pocket costs are typically compensable in an injury claim. Keep invoices from drivers and parking tickets to get compensated properly.


    When parents are hurt and are unable to care for their children, they might incur out-of-pocket expenses related to childcare. Depending on the extent of a victim’s injuries and the help they might get from family or a partner, hiring someone to help them care for their children might be necessary. In these cases, victims might need their doctors to testify to their inability to care for their children without help while healing. If you wish to be compensated for childcare costs you incurred while recovering from an injury in Philadelphia, be sure to keep records of your expenses in this area.

    Modifications to Property

    Certain permanent injuries might require victims to make expensive modifications their homes or vehicles to make them more accessible. This might include installing wheelchair ramps or lifts or other accommodations. These out-of-pocket costs can be compensable, provided they are necessary for the victim’s quality of life.

    Long-Term Assistance

    Depending on the injuries a victim sustains in an accident, they might require long-term in-home care from a nurse or other medical professional. This individual might be responsible for helping a victim get dressed in the mornings, cook meals, go outside, engage in discussions, and many other things. Because a victim would not have needed this long-term in-house care had it not been for a negligent party’s actions, the out-of-pocket costs associated with this type of care are typically compensable in personal injury cases.

    Other Costs

    Out-of-pocket costs are not all the same, meaning they might look different for each injury victim in Philadelphia. If you are unsure whether the costs you have incurred following an incident are compensable, consult our attorneys for confirmation. In most cases, provided the costs would not have existed had it not been for the accident, victims can recover compensation for out-of-pocket expenses. Because there is no limit on economic damages in Philadelphia injury cases, you can recover compensatory damages for all financial losses caused by a defendant. Having documents and records that prove the existence of these out-of-pocket expenses is necessary. Other damages, such as those for pain and suffering, are also compensable. Non-economic damages are also unlimited for most injury victims in Philadelphia.

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