What Medical Records Do You Need to Support a Car Accident Claim in Pennsylvania?

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    In order to recover compensation for injuries sustained in an auto accident, victims will need to provide medical evidence of their injuries.

    There are certain medical records that will be important to your motor vehicle accident claim in Pennsylvania. The records from right after an accident can show your immediate injuries. Additional medical records from the days, weeks, and months that follow an accident can show your required treatment and the full extent of your injuries. If you have any pre-existing conditions or injuries, provide medical records regarding those conditions as well. This will allow our attorneys to explain how only a negligent driver’s actions and not pre-existing conditions caused your current injuries. On top of your medical records, you will also need to provide medical bills. In doing so, you can more accurately calculate the financial damages you require following a car crash in Pennsylvania. You should also keep records of any other losses caused by an accident.

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    Medical Records Needed to Support Your Car Accident Claim in Pennsylvania

    Medical records are crucial in any injury claim arising from an auto accident, as they act as clear evidence of a victim’s need for compensation. You will need a few categories of medical records to support your claim. First, a victim’s records from immediately after the crash will be important, as will their medical records from the following weeks. And, if a defendant attempts to claim that a pre-existing condition contributed to a victim’s current injuries, our attorneys will use a victim’s previous medical records to undermine such arguments.

    Records from Immediately After the Crash

    Following an auto accident in Pennsylvania, you should go directly to the hospital. Many car accident injuries require immediate medical attention. Some injuries, like whiplash and internal injuries, might worsen if left unattended to. When you arrive at the hospital, doctors can diagnose your injuries. They can advise you on your course of treatment, which might involve seeing medical specialists. Suppose you do not go to the hospital immediately after your car crash occurs. In that case, it might be harder for you to prove that you were injured because of another driver’s negligence. Stay at the hospital for as long as necessary. Do not underestimate the importance of seeking medical attention right after a motor vehicle accident in Pennsylvania, regardless of how minor you might think your injuries are.

    Records from the Weeks Following the Crash

    Your medical records from the weeks and months following an auto accident will also be vital to the success of your claim. Such medical records can confirm that your injuries still exist and impact your life. While immediate medical records can show that you were injured because of a crash, the records from subsequent visits with medical specialists can prove the extent of your physical injuries and the treatment you will require. When victims have gaps in their medical treatment, they leave room for defendants to contest the severity of their injuries and their need for compensation. Make sure to attend all scheduled visits with medical professionals as you heal from your auto accident injuries in Pennsylvania. In doing so, you will generate considerable medical evidence of your injuries.

    Records of Your Pre-Existing Conditions

    Some individuals have pre-existing conditions or injuries already at play at the time of an auto accident. If a defendant can claim that your pre-existing conditions somewhat worsened your injuries, their liability for your damages might be reduced. Should this happen, you might not recover total compensation for all economic losses related to your accident. To prevent this from taking place, our attorneys will obtain your medical records from before an accident. We may also enlist medical experts who can provide statements explaining how any pre-existing conditions or injuries are unrelated to the injuries you sustained in a collision caused by a negligent driver in Pennsylvania.

    What Medical Bills Do You Need to Support Your Car Accident Claim in Pennsylvania?

    On top of medical records regarding your injuries, you must also present proof of your medical damages, such as expenses related to your treatment. This can allow our Pennsylvania personal injury lawyers to accurately calculate the financial damages you deserve to recover in a compensation case.

    Medical bills arising from car accidents are often expensive. You might require extensive testing, such as MRIs or CT scans, depending on your specific injuries. Victims might also need to undergo surgeries or take prescription medications following a crash. And then there are the many visits with specialists, such as physical therapists or other medical professionals, designated to treat a victim’s specific injuries.

    All of these costs are compensable in a lawsuit. However, in order to recover compensation for these damages, you must provide proof that they exist. Because of this, our attorneys will help you keep detailed records of all costs related to your medical treatment following an auto accident in Pennsylvania. On top of your medical bills, keep track of your other financial losses due to an accident, such as lost wages.

    Often, victims require medical care past the point of a lawsuit in Pennsylvania. Our attorneys will likely call on medical experts to ensure you recover compensation for future medical costs. Such experts can provide statements explaining your anticipated course of treatment and likely recovery time. For example, if you will require physical therapy for many months following the end of a lawsuit, medical experts can attest to that. This can allow you to recover compensation for future medical expenses and future lost wages in Pennsylvania.

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