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Routes 1 & 9 in NJ Commercial Truck Accident Lawyers

Route 1 & 9 is a unique section of US Route 1 and US Route 9. The junction of these routes begins in Woodbridge Township in New Jersey and continues north to New York City. In some areas,  the road is characterized by numerous businesses and commercial activity and punctuated by traffic lights.  In other areas, the root is more like a  freeway. however regardless  of the exact nature of the section of Route 1 & 9 that you are on,  the road is a heavily trafficked thoroughfare carrying both passenger vehicles and heavy truck traffic.

Unfortunately,  this mix of traffic means that accidents or not only possible but perhaps more likely on Routes 1 & 9.  While all drivers certainly attempt to minimize this accident risk,  the high-speed travel on the highway, numerous businesses, traffic lights, and other characteristics  significantly increase the risk of an accident. Drivers who have been in an accident with a commercial truck on this route may have legal rights to force the trucking company or the trucking company’s insurer to pay for the vehicle damage, personal injuries,  lost wages and other damages that resulted due to the truck accident.

Routes 1&9 Run Through Some of the Most Congested and Densely Populated Areas in New Jersey

The convergence of Routes 1 & 9 beginning in Woodbridge, New Jersey marks the beginning of one of the more urban areas of the state.  Nearby to the start of the combined highway is Woodbridge Center Mall. As the road enters into Linden US-1 and 9 passes through a mix of heavy industry and business areas and even passes by a Conrail facility and to the west of the Bayway refinery. At this point the road continues through some more urban neighborhoods until it turns into a freeway at the intersection with County Road 624.  from there the road continues into Essex County and provides access to the Newark Airport and also to Port Newark — one of the busiest ports on the East Coast.  In Essex County, the road also passes another Conrail facility before the freeway comes to an end as it reaches the US 1 & 9 and Boulevard interchange. Here,  the road intersects with the Pulaski Skyway from which trucks are banned and must make use of U.S. 1 & 9 truck bypass.

Routes 1& 9 Passes Through Densely Populated Hudson County On its Journey to New York City

Soon the road enters into Hudson County which is one of the most densely populated areas in the state and in the nation. In Hudson County the highway becomes Tonnelle Avenue.  Tonnelle Avenue travels along a New Jersey Transit line and also past another Conrail facility. The road soon enters into North Bergen where recent commercial development that includes a Target and a Walmart shopping complex makes the road particularly congested. Furthermore, the presence of these retail and other businesses also means that truck traffic is frequently heavy on the road.

US-1 & U.S 9 then continues into Fairview located in Bergen County, New Jersey. Here the road is known as Broad Avenue.  Soon US-1 & 9 merges into US 46 and continues into Fort Lee. In Fort Lee, the road passes through commercial areas that include numerous high-rise buildings and then crosses the Hudson River via the George Washington Bridge.

Once in New York City, Route 46 which ran concurrently with 1 & 9 comes to an end.  1&9 then continues  through Manhattan before the freeway  comes to an end at an interchange at Broadway near the George Washington Bridge bus terminal.  at this point Roots 1 and 9 split with US 1  providing Eastward travel to the Bronx while routes Route 9  continues North.

Accidents Can Occur at the Many Interchanges On Routes 1&9

US 1&9 provides access to and interchanges with a number of major roads in New Jersey. In Woodbridge Township, Route 1 & 9 provide access to Route 35. Once in Union County, the road provides access to 287, the New Jersey Turnpike, I-95 and, I-78 East. In Elizabeth, the road provides access to the BayWay along with I-95, I-81, and the Turnpike. In Newark, it  provides access also to I-78, I-95, the Turnpike, and the Garden State Parkway along with US 22 and Route 21. As the road travels further north it provides access to Route 93 in Ridgefield Route, 46 and Palisades Park,  US 3 in North Bergen, and a number of other roads.

Hurt In a Commercial Truck Accident on Routes 1&9? Contact Personal Injury Lawyers Today

Routes 1 & 9 bring together many of the elements that increase the risk for a commercial truck accident. The road is highly traveled by both commercial and passenger vehicles,  it can be extremely congested, and the character and nature of the road can shift abruptly. Unfortunately, when these factors come together, serious and potentially fatal accidents with large trucks can and do occur.

If you’ve been in an accident with a commercial truck the personal injury and truck accident lawyers of Reiff Law Firm’s Truck Accident Team May be able to fight for you. To schedule a free and confidential consultation (215) 709-6940 or contact us online.