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New Jersey Turnpike Commercial Truck Accident Lawyers

The New Jersey Turnpike or simply ”The  Turnpike”  is the sixth-busiest toll road in the nation. The road stretches from Salem County New Jersey to the George Washington Bridge in Fort Lee, New Jersey.  The road also stretches to the east and west through its Pennsylvania Turnpike extension and its Newark Bay extension. The northern part of the route is officially part of I-95  while south of exit 6 the highway is technically  designated as route 700.

The amount of interconnection present on this major thoroughfare means that freight traffic is often heavy. While in the northern part of the state the road is bifurcated permitting independent lanes of travel for passenger vehicles and commercial trucks and buses, in the more southern parts of the state all passenger and commercial traffic travel within the same set of lanes. This means that drivers can sometimes be caught unaware should they become accustomed to driving under one set of conditions and not realize  that the character and nature of the road shifts abruptly.

truck accident lawyers - New Jersey Turnpike Commercial Truck Accident Lawyers

This is only one reason why accidents between commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles occur on the New Jersey Turnpike. The road is typically considered safe, but there’s an inherent risk of an accident on any road or major highway. Unfortunately, the nature of high-speed travel often means that when accidents do occur on the Turnpike they’re often more serious. Furthermore, when a commercial vehicle has involved, the size and weight of the commercial  truck or bus often mean that the injuries sustained due to the accident are catastrophic.

Roads that Intersect With the NJ Turnpike Means Commercial Traffic is often Heavy

The New Jersey Turnpike is a major thoroughfare with connections to freeways and interstate highways throughout the state. At the roads northernmost terminus, it links New Jersey to New York over the George Washington Bridge. Heading southward, the road intersects with I-80 and then in the Newark area with Route 280. Slightly further south in the Elizabeth area, the road that intersects with I-78. Continuing our trip down the turnpike the road intersects with I-287 at Exit 10 in the Edison area. After exit 10, the road does not intersect with a major highway until exit 7A where it meets with both 295 and 195. 295 intersects with the turnpike several more times as the road continues down through South Jersey. Around Exit 3 it also intersects with access to the Atlantic City Expressway. At Exit 1, the Turnpike’s southern terminus, it provides a link between New Jersey and Delaware over the Delaware Memorial Bridge.

However these are not the only intersections with fairly major roads at the turnpike provides access to. Other roads the Turnpike intersects with or provides access to include:

  • Routes 1 & 9
  • Route 18
  • Route 130 Route 33
  • Route 206
  • Route 73
  • Route 322
  • US 40

Of courses are certainly other intersections,  but like any other major road listing all  connections would be particularly exhaustive.

The Turnpike Passes through Heavily Industrial Areas With High Volumes of Trade

The New Jersey Turnpike passes through areas of substantial trade, industry,  and commercial activity.The route is a major thoroughfare for commercial truck traffic originating from Port Elizabeth,  the largest port on the East Coast. The Turnpike is also nearby major commercial freight Carriers like FedEx and UPS. A FedEx Ground Hub is located In Keasbey, New Jersey while another fairly major FedEx location is located in Raritan Center In Edison, New Jersey. UPS also has a major center in Edison producing significant traffic.

Aside from freight carriers, major online retailer has a  distribution center in Robbinsville, New Jersey not far from the New Jersey Turnpike. Likewise, major online retailer also has a large Distribution Center in the Edison area. Also, in the Edison area is the Heller Industrial Park which serves an array of businesses engaged in domestic and international Commerce.

Furthermore, the road also carries significant commuter and Freight traffic heading to the JFK Airport, LaGuardia Airport, and Newark Airport. The road can also be utilized to reach the Lincoln Tunnel.

truck accident lawyers - New Jersey Turnpike Commercial Truck Accident Lawyers

Why Are Accidents with Commercial Trucks Often so Serious?

While most people immediately consider the size disparity between the vehicles, the truth is that the true reasons as to why commercial truck accidents often cause such severe injuries is actually rather multifaceted. To start, the huge difference in size between the vehicles does play a role. However, one should also consider the size of commercial trucks themselves. A commercial truck can reach lengths of about 70 feet and weight up to 70,000+ pounds when fully loaded. Since force is a simple function of mass times acceleration, commercial trucks apply significantly more force when they crash. Furthermore, these trucks are less able to avoid last-minute impacts because their large size and weight make avoiding an accident impracticable or impossible.

Furthermore, trucks carry a large amount of diesel fuel – up to 200 or 300 gallons at a time. If this fuel ignites, a blazing inferno soon results. This means that parties involved in an accident do not only have to concern themselves with the force of the impact but also the potential consequences from fuel that catches fire. For trucks carrying flammable or hazardous materials, this and similar risks only increase.

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