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Philadelphia Vending Machine Injury Lawyer

Although they’re sometimes referenced light-heartedly in movies and TV shows, vending machine injuries are no joke. Whether you were reaching into the vending machine to grab your snack or drink or simply passing by when it fell, there’s a good chance that a wound caused by one of these contraptions could be serious.

If you or a loved one was hurt by a falling or malfunctioning vending machine, you’d probably like to know who’s at fault and what can be done about it. With the help of the Philadelphia vending machine injury lawyers at the Reiff Law Firm, you can fight for just compensation in the aftermath of a painful injury and ensure that those responsible face the consequences of their actions. Visit the Reiff Law Firm online or call us today at (215) 709-6940 to set up a free consultation with a qualified legal professional.

Common Injuries Caused by Vending Machines in Philadelphia

Perhaps because they stand innocuously in alcoves and hallways throughout the country, vending machines are often seen as one of the least threatening appliances around (as opposed to a blender, microwave, oven, etc.). Still, that doesn’t mean that these machines can’t inflict harm under certain circumstances. The following are a few of the most common ways vending machines can injure those in Philadelphia:


Perhaps the most obvious answer, a falling vending machine can cause serious harm, thanks to the size and weight of these objects. Depending on the type, a vending machine can weight anywhere from 400 pounds to upwards of 900 pounds when empty – even more when stocked with drinks or food. Should one of these machines tip over onto a user, they can cause crushing injuries and may even lead to death.


As with all electrical appliances, vending machines carry some risk that the power they contain could be transferred directly to the user through contact, resulting in electrocution. With newer models, this is unlikely, but older vending machines may suffer from loose or poorly insulated wires or other hazards that make electrocution more likely.

Getting Stuck

Though the injuries that result from this tend to be minor, getting your hand or arm stuck in a vending machine is a definite possibility. The farther you reach into the contraption, the more likely you are to end up trapped, so those who might be tempted to grab a free snack may want to think twice before making an attempt.

Determining Fault After a Philadelphia Vending Machine Injury

If you or one of your family members was recently injured by a vending machine in Philadelphia, the first question to ask is who might be at fault. Ultimately, the answer will depend on a few factors that could tip the case into the territory of either product liability or premises liability, each of which would indicate a different responsible party; consult a vending machine injury lawyer to learn how which type of liability might apply in your case.

Product Liability

When we buy or use an item – be it a phone, children’s toy, or vending machine – we generally expect it to work as intended; at the very least, we’d expect it to be safe. However, there are cases in Philadelphia in which the manufacturer of an object cuts corners or makes mistakes and produces a defective, dangerous product, putting the user at risk. If the cause of your vending machine-related injury was a faulty product, the maker could be at fault and may owe you compensation.

Premises Liability

The other side of the at-fault coin is premises liability, the idea that the owner of a property has a duty to make it safe for those who use it. If you were hurt by a vending machine at, say, an amusement park or one of the stadiums in Philadelphia, there’s a chance that the owner of the facility – and, by extension, the machine that hurt you – was responsible for what happened, especially if they knew about the issue with the machine and didn’t address it properly.

Filing a Claim After an Injury Caused by a Vending Machine in Philadelphia

Whoever is to blame for what happened, there’s a good chance that you have an actionable claim in the event of a vending machine injury. If so, it’s important that you speak with a qualified attorney as soon as possible, as the state of Pennsylvania offers a rigidly defined window of opportunity – called the statute of limitations – in which to file your claim. Typically, you can submit your lawsuit within two years of the incident, but certain factors – such as an injury that was discovered after the fact – could alter this window.

In addition, a skilled Philadelphia personal injury lawyer can go a long way toward ensuring you get maximum compensation for your injury, especially in Philadelphia. That’s because of what’s called the “modified comparative fault” rule, which governs PA personal injury cases. Through this rule, the compensation afforded to an injured victim is reduced by their degree of fault; in other words, those who are 25% at fault have their final compensation reduced by 25%. By hiring experienced representation, you can have someone on your side fighting effectively to limit your liability in the case and ensure that all damages are accounted for.

Skilled Philadelphia Vending Machine Injury Lawyer Ready to Fight for Your Rights

Despite its treatment in popular media, a vending machine injury is a serious problem that requires serious action. Luckily, the team of legal experts at the Reiff Law Firm are standing by to support you in this difficult time and fight to hold those at fault accountable for their actions. To discuss your case with one of our attorneys in a free consultation, visit us online or call us today at (215) 709-6940.