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Philadelphia Misdiagnosed Cancer Attorney

Cancer is one of the leading killers in the United States, and deserves the utmost care and treatment from medical professionals.  Unfortunately, so many people with cancer go untreated until it is too late.  Other times, improper diagnoses may leave patients suffering from the treatment itself, when, in actuality, they had no cancer.

If you have been misdiagnosed by a doctor, or suffered because of a doctor’s failure to diagnose your cancer, you may be entitled to compensation.  If you lost a loved one to cancer or cancer treatment because of a doctor’s misdiagnosis, you might be entitled to compensation for their wrongful death.  The medical malpractice attorneys at The Reiff Law Firm help patients get compensation for their malpractice injuries, and help families who have lost loved ones to poor medical treatment.  Call today for a free consultation on your case.

Attorneys for Claims in Undiagnosed Cancer Patients

Many people who suffer from cancer do not receive a diagnosis until it is too late.  Sometimes this is because of doctors’ improper screening techniques, or inability to recognize the signs and symptoms.  In other cases, patients are diagnosed with the wrong form of cancer, which leads to removal of body parts and intense treatments, all of which might be focused on the wrong area.  Our attorneys can help you seek compensation for these kinds of injuries, or for a loved one who died because of this kind of treatment.

Cancer may be difficult to diagnose, so a doctor’s inability to properly diagnose cancer is not automatically a sign of malpractice.  Instead, to prove malpractice, you must be able to prove that your doctor’s treatment fell below the typical standards for proper treatment.  This often means your case needs to be examined by other doctors who can determine whether or not your doctor failed you.

When patients have a family history of cancer, it is extremely important for doctors to screen their patients.  Other groups are at especially high risks for different forms of cancer, and should be screened accordingly.  For example, the Center for Disease Control recommends that every person over the age of 50 receive screening tests for colorectal cancer every 10 years.  Many doctors may urge patients with a family history of cancer to increase their screening frequency to fight the increased risk of cancer.  When doctors fail to provide proactive treatment like this, they may be liable for failing to catch your cancer.

Other times, doctors may diagnose you with cancer, but may not diagnose you fully.  This can mean that cancer affecting certain systems of the body is missed.  While you receive treatment for one form of cancer, the doctors may fail to treat other areas.  This could mean that the untreated cancer is allowed to continue worsening and spreading.

Any harms you receive because of a failure to diagnose or a misdiagnosis may be compensable.  That means that if your condition worsened, required extra surgeries, or your loved one’s cancer caused their death, there may be compensation available.

Philadelphia Medical Malpractice Attorneys

False Positive Cancer Diagnosis in Philadelphia

If you were misdiagnosed with cancer, and treated for it, only to find you did not have cancer, it can be disastrous.  The drugs and medical techniques used to treat cancer are incredibly dangerous, especially if you do not have cancer.  Chemotherapy and radiation therapy use techniques aimed at killing off and destroying tissue in order to destroy cancer cells.  When there are no cancer cells to destroy, these techniques merely destroy healthy tissue.  Chemotherapy is especially destructive, since it literally acts to poison the body.

Further, many cancer treatments involve removing healthy tissue to prevent cancer from spreading.  Removal of breasts, lungs, testicles, colon, and other body parts are common to help fight those forms of cancer.  This is sometimes a necessary sacrifice for people with cancer to stay healthy, but for people misdiagnosed with cancer, this simply removes healthy, functioning body parts.

The final, unique harm people undergo when receiving wrongful cancer diagnoses is the fear and emotional distress associated with being diagnosed with cancer.  When someone hears that they have cancer, their entire life can change.  They may go through extreme stress fearing that they have a fatal disease.  They may spend thousands of dollars on aggressive treatments.  They may even alter their lifestyle.  Patients who truly do not have cancer should never have to go through the distress of a cancer diagnosis unless they truly have cancer, and should be compensated for this unnecessary distress.

Contact a Philadelphia Medical Malpractice Attorney about Wrongful Cancer Diagnosis

If you or a loved one was misdiagnosed with cancer, or your doctor failed to properly diagnose your cancer, talk to an attorney.  There may be compensation available for the stress, medical bills, pain and suffering, and worsened conditions you faced because of a misdiagnosis.  Especially if you’ve lost a loved one to a cancer misdiagnosis, call the medical malpractice attorneys at The Reiff Law Firm.  We offer free consultations for new cases.  Call today at (215) 709-6940.