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Philadelphia Attorney for Pool Filter Injuries

The force of a pool filter’s suction can cause injuries in strange and surprising ways. Many may think that these kinds of injuries are urban legends or myths told as cautionary tales, but dozens of people across the country face serious injuries and risks each year because of dangerous pool filters. Most cases affect children and can result in anywhere from the mere risk of injury to serious, life-altering injuries or death.

If you or your child was injured in an accident involving a pool filter, talk to an attorney today. You may be entitled to compensation for your injuries, which can help pay for medical care, lost wages (if you had to miss work), and pain and suffering. The schedule a free consultation with The Reiff Law Firm’s Philadelphia pool filter injury lawyers, contact our law offices today at (215) 709-6940.

Injuries and Drowning Risks from Pool Filtration Systems

Pool filters take in water from the pool, then use high-pressure tanks to pump the water through filters before recirculating it back into the pool. Some filters also add chemicals at this stage to refresh the balance of chlorine and other chemicals in the pool water. For especially large pools, like public pools, hotel pools, or amusement park rides and swimming pools, the pressure may be immense. There are three common scenarios where the pressure and suction of a pool filter can cause serious injuries or even death.

The first potential accident involves the pressurized tanks. Pool filtration systems that use pressurized tanks run the risk of becoming over-pressurized, which can lead to explosions or other issues if the tank is breached or breaks. If the tank is poorly designed or its pressure is overloaded because of clogging or poor maintenance, the tank could burst. An exploding water tank can cause shrapnel to fly outwards, and both the sudden force of the bursting tank and the sharp shrapnel can cause serious injuries. These accidents more commonly affect maintenance staff and owners of pools who perform their own maintenance but may also injure passers-by.

The suction itself is also an incredible risk. Many believe that stories about injuries from the suction of a pool filter are just stories, but there are news reports and recorded statistics that show these risks are real. Most of these accidents affect small children, who are more vulnerable to the strong suction of a pool filter – and are more prone to be attracted to touching or investigating these dangerous filters without knowing any better.

If a pool filter’s suction is strong enough, a child could become trapped against the force of suction. This can keep the child underwater, leading to the second common injury: drowning injuries. Drowning is not always fatal, and if your child is stuck to a pool filter, there is a chance that they may merely face the risk of injury. However, if your child is trapped underwater long enough, they could be unable to hold their breath, lose consciousness, and begin to drown. While hopefully a lifeguard or bystander can rescue them, any time spent without oxygen is incredibly dangerous and could have lasting effects.

Lastly, pool filters can cause direct damage to the body. If a child is very young or small, the suction could injure their skin or even pull at internal organs. Especially if the child’s mouth or bottom is placed against the filter, the force of the filter’s suction could actually pull their intestines or other internal organs out by force. These evisceration or disembowelment injuries can be fatal or could lead to serious complications and life-changing injuries, plus a long, painful recovery.

Suing for Pool Filter Injuries in Pennsylvania

Many of the injuries stemming from the pressure or suction with pool injuries can lead to lawsuits based on a few different legal theories. First, you may be able to sue the pool owner or operator for negligent supervision. If your child is injured while lifeguards or the pool’s owner are supposed to be watching them, their lack of supervision could be considered negligence that puts them at fault for the injuries. Second, you may be able to sue based on a theory that the dangerous filter was a hidden danger on the owner’s property, which should have been made safe for guests. With exploding filters, the hidden danger theory also applies. Lastly, you may be able to take the pool filter manufacturer to court. The filtration system may have a design defect, may have been poorly manufactured or installed, or may have required more substantial warnings of its risks. These issues could make the manufacturer or installer liable for the injuries.

The damages in a serious injury case can be substantial. If you or your child faced serious bodily harm, you could be entitled to medical expenses, past and future wages that are lost due to the injury, as well as compensation for the pain and suffering. Talk to an attorney today to see what your case might be worth, and never accept a settlement before talking to a lawyer about your case.

Philadelphia Pool Filter and Suction Injury Lawyers Offering Free Consultations

If you or a loved one was injured in an accident involving drowning or physical injury from the suction or pressurization of a pool filter, talk to an attorney today. The Reiff Law Firm’s pool filter injury lawyers may be able to take your case to court and fight for the compensation you need. For a free consultation, contact our law offices today at (215) 709-6940.