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Philadelphia Attorney for Injuries that Occur at Restaurants

Injuries at a restaurant can come from many different causes. Slip and falls and other injuries from dangers on the premises or uncleanly floors can be dangerous, but other injuries could occur because of foodborne illness or food poisoning. Other injuries could even occur from assault by restaurant staff over disputes or misunderstandings that have gotten out of hand.

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Types of Accidents and Injuries at Restaurants in Philadelphia

Many types of injuries that could occur at a restaurant allow you to sue the at-fault parties – such as the restaurant itself – to seek compensation for the medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering related to the injuries. The specific cause of the accident changes how your case is filed and sometimes changes whom you should file the case against. The following are all common ways that people could be injured at restaurants, along with some information about whom to sue and how the case will work in court:

Slip and Fall or Trip and Fall Accidents

The areas inside and outside the restaurant should be safe for guests. If you slip and fall on an icy sidewalk before you even get in the building, the property owner should be responsible for the injuries you faced. Other slip and fall or trip and fall injuries inside the restaurant are clearly within the restaurant owner’s control and should have been prevented. This means that restaurant employees need to take care to avoid spills and slippery surfaces and that they need to quickly clean up those kinds of issues or put out caution signs to warn patrons of the dangers. If they fail to do so, the restaurant could be liable for slip and fall or trip and fall injuries.

Broken Glass and Other Hazards

If workers or patrons at a restaurant drop plates and glasses and the workers fail to clean up the broken bits, the restaurant could be held responsible for any injuries that result from this issue. It is up to the restaurant’s workers to make sure that the premises are safe, especially in restaurants where the lights are dim and dangers might not be obvious. If you step on broken glass or fall and cut yourself on dangerous shards of a broken plate, the restaurant owners might be liable for your injuries.

Food Poisoning and Foodborne Illness

If you are at a restaurant that is open to the public, it should be properly inspected, and the workers should be trained in food safety to prevent injuries and illness. Issues with cross-contamination, undercooked food, unclean cookware, pests, and spoiled food appear in dozens of TV shows about bars and restaurants, but you never expect these issues to affect the food you are actually eating. If you were made sick by a meal that contained a foodborne illness or bacteria like norovirus, salmonella, or E. coli, or if you suffered a simple case of food poisoning after a meal at a restaurant, you might be entitled to sue the restaurant for your injuries.

Foreign Objects in Food

If you bit down into a piece of food and discovered something that was not supposed to be there, you might be made sick from it, or you could have been seriously injured by the foreign object. Objects like hairs are often found in food at restaurants with hygiene issues, but larger or more dangerous objects like pieces of broken wood or metal from cleaning tools or cooking utensils could also fall inside the food. Prepackaged food from a food distributor could also have objects such as bits of wood or metal inside that could cause serious injury risk. In some cases, pests, bugs, or other objects could be found in food that was not stored properly, potentially leading to serious emotional distress or illness.

Allergic Reactions to Food

Restaurant goers with food allergies and dietary restrictions often need to be careful about what they eat, and restaurants should be willing to work with customers. If a restaurant advertises vegan or vegetarian options, these foods should properly exclude meat and other products or else diners could face adverse health issues or emotional distress. More seriously, diners with allergies or serious health conditions might not be able to consume certain foods, or they could suffer serious allergic reactions if the food was contaminated or improperly contained an ingredient that the restaurant was warned would be dangerous for the customer.

Assault and Battery

Although these issues are rare, you could also be injured by assault at a restaurant. Assault by another patron could occur at a bar or restaurant if things get out of hand after a night of drinking. Additionally, waiters, bartenders, bouncers, and other staff members could allow their emotions to get out of hand after a long shift or a bad day, potentially leading them to injure or assault patrons or other workers. If you were the victim of assault or other intentional injuries at a restaurant, talk to a lawyer immediately. Many claims like this can be filed against the restaurant for assault by a patron or for negligent security at the establishment.

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If you were at a restaurant when you suffered a serious injury from a slip and fall, a bad reaction to your food, or intentional assault by a member of the restaurant’s staff, you might be entitled to sue the restaurant for your injuries. Call the Reiff Law Firm today to discuss your potential case and learn more about what damages you might be entitled to and how to best claim these damages to maximize your financial compensation. For your free legal consultation, call our Philadelphia attorneys for injuries that occur at restaurants today at (215) 246-9000.