How Can I Increase My Personal Injury Settlement in Pennsylvania?
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    How Can I Increase My Personal Injury Settlement in Pennsylvania?

    The legal process that arises from an injury is often slow, methodical, and lengthy. The strength of every case is usually directly related to the quality of evidence available. Unfortunately, the availability of physical evidence after an accident is usually limited. To help ensure a strong case, you should contact the Reiff Law Firm almost immediately after you are injured. The very best way to increase your personal injury settlement is to retain legal help as soon as possible. In addition to being able to gather evidence and start building your case, our Philadelphia personal injury attorney will offer invaluable advice on steps to take to maximize your potential compensation. No judge or jury will award you a significant financial recovery without proving you deserve it.

    Document Everything if You Suffer an Injury in Pennsylvania

    A proactive step you can take in increasing the amount of your personal injury settlement is to ensure you have every expense and cost documented. Nearly every bill you incur due to an accident is recoverable in a personal injury lawsuit. Be sure to talk with our Pennsylvania personal injury attorney as soon as possible to review the types of expenses that qualify for compensation. While keeping receipts of medical bills might seem obvious, you are also entitled to recovery for additional expenses, such as parking costs and prescription medication.

    The primary goal of a personal injury lawsuit is to seek compensation for your financial losses, especially medical expenses that could be significant, depending on the severity of your injury. It is crucial to provide evidence of your economic damages.

    Types of Expenses You Can Recover in a Pennsylvania Lawsuit

    When you are injured through another’s negligent conduct, you should not be responsible for the expenses related to your injury. Whether you suffered a personal injury in Allentown or another part of the Commonwealth, our law office will help you fight to recover many types of expenses.

    Medical Costs

    In many personal injury cases, the medical expenses are a substantial amount of what you can recover. It is essential to keep an accurate record of your hospital, doctor, and treatment bills. In some situations, an injury could require years of medical care. In those situations, our law office will turn to healthcare experts to establish your future medical costs.

    Physical Therapy

    Treating your injury might be only the beginning of the care necessary you require. It is not uncommon for severe injuries to subject a victim to months or years of physical or occupational therapy. We will work with your therapists to calculate a good faith estimate of the total expenses you would incur.

    Mental Health Expenses

    Injuries are often more than physical. If you are suffering emotional or mental stress, you might require psychological therapy or medication to address your condition. Therapy could last for years, and you are entitled to be compensated for the cost.

    In addition to your medical costs, you could also recover for any property damage caused by the accident. While most people might think of repairing or replacing a car after an accident, other personal property is also replaceable. For example, if your phone was damaged in a car accident or slip and fall, you should be able to recover the cost of a replacement. Be sure to document every cost and discuss your lost property in detail with our Pennsylvania personal injury attorney.

    Lost Income

    If your injury impedes your ability to work, you could be facing a substantial reduction in income. If you are permanently disabled, then you might not be capable of working again. You are entitled to recover your lost wages, both past and future. While it is relatively easy to calculate your past lost income based on your paystubs or tax returns, calculating your future income is more challenging. We often engage financial experts to establish what you would have earned had it not been for your injury.

    Recovering Non-economic Damages in a Pennsylvania Personal Injury Lawsuit

    Not every injury can be documented with a piece of paper. Pain and suffering could be a substantial part of a personal injury award. While more challenging to quantify than actual financial losses, they are still an essential part of a personal injury claim.

    Our Pennsylvania personal injury attorney will review the circumstances surrounding your injury and provide guidance and advice on how to document your pain and suffering. Every injured victim is unique, and the mental and physical effects of the harm suffered are different depending on the person. You should keep a detailed log of how your injury is personally affecting you, including the level of pain you are experiencing and the injury’s impact on your quality of life. Our office will use this information, with testimony from your medical providers, friends, and family, along with legal precedent to establish an amount for your pain and suffering.

    Increasing Your Settlement After an Injury in Pennsylvania Requires Patience

    To increase your potential personal injury settlement, you need to know what your claim is actually worth. If you agree to a settlement offer early in the process, it is unlikely you will know the true extent of your financial costs, and you will be prohibited from seeking additional damages if they occur. If you were injured in Chester County, or elsewhere in Pennsylvania, we will take the time to thoroughly calculate all of your potential damages, both economic and non-economic, and be prepared to take your case to trial if necessary. The Reiff Law Firm is experienced in handling complicated personal injury matters and is committed to winning for our clients.

    Call Our Pennsylvania Personal Injury Attorney for a Free Consultation

    No one is going to freely give you a large settlement if you experienced an injury through someone else’s negligence. With the assistance of our experienced Pennsylvania personal injury attorneys, you will be in the best position to not only recover for your damages, you will be able to maximize your compensation. Call the Reiff Law Firm at (215) 709-6940 to schedule a free consultation.

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