How to Fill Out a Sworn Statement in Proof of Loss in Pennsylvania

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    If your vehicle was damaged in a car accident in Pennsylvania, you may have to fill out a sworn statement in proof of loss form to get compensation.

    When filling out a sworn statement in proof of loss form, claimants should start by adding in their insurance information, such as their policy number and policy amount limit. Then, claimants should provide their personal information and any required information about the property damaged sustained in an accident. What follows are details about the accident, such as its time and cause. Claimants must then list their losses or the cost of their property damage. Finally, sworn statement in proof of loss forms must be notarized. These forms are generally due within 60 days of an auto accident in Pennsylvania.

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    How Do You Fill Out a Sworn Statement in Proof of Loss in Pennsylvania?

    Insurance companies typically require claimants to fill out a sworn statement in proof loss form to aid in processing insurance claims for property damage and deter fraud. Although our Gladwyne, PA car accident lawyers typically advise victims to sue for compensation, that might not be possible based on the type of insurance a victim has, making filing an insurance claim the only route to recovery. Properly filling out your sworn statement in proof of loss form might be crucial in getting the compensatory damages you need following an incident. Although individual insurance companies might have their own proof of loss forms, they generally require the same information.

    Insurance Information

    Once you obtain a sworn statement in proof of loss form from your carrier in Pennsylvania, you can begin filling it out. Start by including information about your insurance coverage. While your insurer already has this information, including it on the form is necessary. You must include your policy number, the amount limit at the time of your loss, the date the policy was issued, the date the policy expires, the insurance company, and the insurance agent. Upon your first view of the form, you might notice that it looks like a letter, with spaces allotted for claimants to personalize the form to their specifications. Our attorneys can help you fill in the blanks, especially regarding the specific information about your insurance company and its location.

    Personal and Vehicle Information

    Claimants must also provide their personal information, such as their names when completing a sworn statement in proof of loss form. Depending on your specific carrier, you might be required to include more detailed information about your vehicle to verify that your insurance covers it. For example, information such as your car’s make and model and license plate number might be required.

    Accident Time and Origin

    Also included on most sworn statement in proof of loss forms is a section for time and origin. This is where victims can include the date and time their accidents occurred and explain the cause of the incident. While simply writing “car accident” might be sufficient, our attorneys might include additional information about the accident if necessary. You can also include the location of the accident.

    Property Value and Losses

    Then it is time to document the losses you have incurred. When filling out this section of the sworn statement in proof of loss form, you will notice that it only refers to monetary damages for property damage. This is generally why our attorneys urge victims to sue if possible, as insurance does not provide compensation for pain and suffering in Pennsylvania. Regardless, victims must provide the actual value of their insured property, which would most likely be that of their car. Then, provide the monetary value of the damages to your vehicle and the amount claimed. Providing documentation that supports your estimate of monetary losses, such as bills from your mechanic, can add support to this section of the sworn statement in proof of loss form. This is specifically reserved for property damage sustained in an accident.

    Notary Signature

    Finally, you must get your document notarized. Notaries act as third-party witnesses to the signing of important documents, such as sworn statement in proof of loss forms, to deter fraud and ensure validity. If you do not get this document notarized, an insurance company will not accept it in Pennsylvania.

    When is Your Sworn Statement in Proof of Loss Due in Pennsylvania?

    In order for an insurance company to consider a victim’s claim for property damage, it will likely require a completed sworn statement in proof of loss form. This means your form will be due relatively soon after your car accident in Pennsylvania.

    Generally, Pennsylvania insurance companies only accept sworn statement in proof of loss forms within 60 days of a motor vehicle accident. So, if you wait to begin filling out this form following an incident or fail to get it notarized before submitting it, you might miss the deadline. This can provide an insurance company with sufficient reason to deny your property damage claim without a second thought.

    In addition to submitting the sworn statement in proof of loss document to an insurance company on time, it is also necessary that the information a victim has included on the form is correct and that they have provided supplemental documents that confirm their assessment of property damage. If there are errors in a victim’s sworn statement in proof of loss form, an insurer might deny their claim. To ensure that the document is properly completed when submitted to an insurance carrier, those required to fill out sworn statement in proof of loss forms should seek assistance from our attorneys, who have ample experience regarding these matters.

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