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Log Truck Accident Injury Lawyer

The logging industry is still an important part of our economy, whether you think that logging is something that happened in the past or in far removed areas of the country. However, when you consider all of the materials that you use in a single day that are related to the logging and timber industry, you will realize that the logging is important, and so are the people who are responsible for delivering the trees and logs.

Truck accidents often have devastating consequences, from massive and fatal personal injury to substantial and total property loss. After an accident trucking companies employ large and sophisticated legal teams in an effort to shift blame from themselves and onto you or other drivers who may have been involved in an accident. However, the attorneys of Reiff Law Firm’s The Truck Accident Team are not intimated by these large companies and have been fighting for decades for injured accident victims. If you or someone you know has been involved in a truck accident involving a truck that was carrying logs, timber, or lumber, contact us today.

Hazards of Log Truck Accidents

When a driver is hauling anything behind their vehicle there is an increased chance that there will be an accident, because the weight of the materials and trailers will alter the way that a driver will be able to maneuver their vehicle. Trucks and tractor-trailers carrying timber are just as vulnerable to involvement in an accident as other commercial vehicles because of their extreme weight and oversized cargo. These vehicles are inherently dangerous to other drivers on the road. Some of the hazards that logging trucks pose to other drivers include:

  • Large blind spots – like other commercial tractor-trailers, logging vehicles have large blind spots, which prevent their drivers from being able to see other cars on the road. This can be a problem when a truck hauling logs wants to change lanes or wants to merge onto a highway.
  • Heavy loads – Many of the trees and lumber that a commercial driver hauls will be extremely heavy and large. Often people do not even load the timber onto a truck, but because of the extreme weight of the cargo, use machines to load these trucks instead. The heavier a load that a tractor-trailer is carrying, the longer it will take them to come to a complete stop. In addition, in the event of an accident, there will naturally be more force and therefore a greater impact behind a collision.
  • Loose materials – Popularized by movies, when lumber comes off of a truck it is disastrous and often deadly. While, this may seem the stuff of science fiction, lumber and timber can come loose from the truck and cause accidents even if the rest of the truck can still drive normally.

Many of the accidents and resulting injuries from a logging truck are due to the differences in size, weight, and power of the vehicle.

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What Causes Logging Accidents?

In addition to the above reasons for a logging truck accident, there are many other factors that can lead to an accident on the road. Some of these include:

  • Driver error – Logging trucks are much larger and longer than standard passenger vehicles. A logging truck is designed to carry a large amount of cargo, that only adds to the already increased mass of a truck. Therefore, even a small mistake from a driver is amplified by the size of the truck and cargo.
  • Improper Maintenance – Large vehicles such as those that haul logs and timber require not only regular maintenance but also thorough and comprehensive maintenance. If a truck hauling thousands of pounds of logs experiences a tire blowout, then it is very likely that even the most experienced driver will be unable to maintain control over their vehicle. In addition to things such as the tires, large commercial vehicles have other essential components that need to be regularly inspected, such as steering columns, braking systems, and hitching systems.
  • Improperly loaded materials – One of the biggest risks that a truck hauling large lumber poses to others on the road is when their cargo is not properly loaded. If you have ever seen a truck carrying logs, you are aware trucks hauling lumber basically carry chopped-down trees – each of which can weigh thousands of pounds. Even a small imbalance or gap when loading a vehicle of this size can cause a massive accident or collision on the road in the event that any of the logs come loose.
  • Negligent driving by other motorists –  Truck drivers have to be incredibly vigilant on the road. Not only do they navigate difficult traffic conditions, but they often contend with other drivers on the road. Those drivers may not be as sensitive or aware of the danger they cause by cutting-off a tractor trailer. If a car cuts-off a truck, the driver will often have to swerve to avoid a collision, which leads to the driver losing control and causing an accident anyway.

While many accidents are preventable by properly cautious drivers, there are still accidents on the road almost every day.

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