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Interstate 88 New York Truck Accident Attorney

Interstate 88 is located wholly in New York State extending for 117 miles. This road begins at an interchange with Interstate 81 just north of Binghamton to an Interchange with the New York State Thruway also called Interstate 90 located west of Schenectady New York.   This road has several major junctions with other roads throughout the state including:

  • I-81 in Chenango
  • NY 23 / NY 28 in Oneonta
  • US 20 near Duanesburg
  • I-90 / New York Thruway in Rotterdam

This past April the town of Maryland, New York that is connected by Interstate 88 served as an example how accidents can happen on this road. According to the New York State Department of Transportation, there was a large pileup on Interstate 88 near mile marker 72. This accident involved fifteen cars including eleven cars and three commercial trucks.  This accident like many others involving multiple vehicles started with one vehicle and then started a chain reaction. According to reports this accident began when an SUV and a tractor-trailer collided because of the near white out conditions. Subsequently, the drivers stopped in the driving lanes which caused other vehicles to strike them as they could not see in the inclement weather conditions.

What Compensation Can You Receive from a Truck Accident on Interstate 88?

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While the above mentioned accident was terrifying, fortunately, no one was killed. However, many of those involved in the accident, and like others involved in accidents with tractor-trailers were injured. Following an accident not only is there typically a large amount of property damage, but there are often injuries that can require prompt medical care and treatment. Those who have been injured in a commercial vehicle accident are entitled to compensation for their injuries that stem from another’s negligence. An experienced personal injury attorney will help you to get the maximum possible award for your injuries which may include:

  • Past and ongoing medical bills – As commercial vehicles are substantially larger and heavier than the typical car, light truck or SUV, there is an increased chance of serious injuries including Traumatic brain injuries (TBI)
    • Spinal cord injuries (paralysis)
    • Broken bones and fractures
    • Neck injuries
    • Back injuries
    • If an accident victim must undergo testing or treatment for their injuries, then they may be entitled to payments for their injuries. In addition, if an injured person must undergo continuing medical case such as:
      • Hospital stays
      • Nursing home stays
      • Physical therapy
    • Medical damages in a personal injury case should include every expense that the injured person has to pay out of pocket over the course of receiving treatment and include such figures as those incurred at the time of the injury, through when the case is settled or when the jury awards damages.
  • Disfigurement – In many cases with large trucks and commercial vehicles, not only do the victims suffer from the physical pain, but also the ongoing trauma of being disfigured. In the event that a person is disfigured in an accident, they may be entitled to recover for their injuries.
  • Emotional suffering – Truck accidents are some of the most devastating accidents on the road, both physically and emotionally. Emotional suffering can manifest itself in many ways including frights, shock nervousness, humiliation resulting from effects of the injury.
  • Lost earnings – a person who is injured in an accident and as result of their injuries they are no longer able to work, or conversely they are not able to work in the same capacity that they once did and therefore are making less money, may be entitled to recover for their lost income.
  • Punitive damages – in addition to the above-noted damages which are sometimes referred to as general damages the jury can award punitive damages. Punitive damages are awarded when the jury finds that a truck driver or another commercial driver was wanton, reckless, and malicious. These damages are meant to punish the defendant and others from acting in a similar manner.

What are the Frequent Causes of Truck Accidents?

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  • Environmental factors – Interstate 88 can be prone to bad weather, which in turn, can lead to accidents. When road conditions are not ideal drivers should exert more caution, however, commercial drivers are often under pressure to make deadlines, and delivery appointments, often ignoring weather factors.
  • Driver distraction – Distractions on the road are a constant problem for all drivers. Almost every state including New York has enacted legislation geared to keeping driver’s attention on the road. For example, most states have noted that drivers who are on their phone pose a particular threat, and have therefore made it illegal to text and drive. Commercial drivers have an obligation to drive their vehicle in the safest manner possible, however, drivers who are distracted by cell phones, computers, and other internal or external factors lead to accidents every day.
  • Driver fatigue – Truck accidents can often be attributed to a driver who has been on the road for too long. Despite federal regulations which have been enacted requiring a driver to take a designated period of time off from driving, many drivers and their companies will flaunt these rules in an effort to meet deadlines.
  • Mechanical failure – Trucks are large vehicles that require regular and continuing maintenance and inspection. However, accidents can be caused when these systems are not regular checked, inspected, and repaired. Mechanical failures such as brakes, warning lights, and other safety features have all be cited as the cause of accidents.
  • Blind spots – Trucks have large blind spots that can totally eclipse another car, van, SUV, or even other truck. Drivers have to be very cautious when they are shifting lanes to ensure that there is not another car in their blind spot. However, drivers often are not as cautious as they should be with their blind spots, frequently causing accidents.

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