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The Truck Accident Team’s experience stems from numerous factors – decades of experience with truck accident litigation, deep knowledge of the trucking industry and regulations, our ability to hire the right experts to create a compelling case, our determination, our creative approaches to each individual case, and our ability to win substantial rewards for our clients.

Our team has been the recipient of numerous awards, received the highest possible ratings in legal ability and ethical standards, and our attorneys are lecture about truck accident litigation across the country.

Our Experience

Our attorneys have over thirty years of experience in bringing cases against trucking companies on behalf of our injured clients.  We have seen how different cases come out, we know what your injuries should be worth, and we know when to settle and when to battle the case in court.

If you work with us, we will put this experience to work for you.  the Reiff Law Firm’s The Truck Accident Team has experience in cases against trucking companies.  That means we know how their legal teams work and what their goals are.  We know the federal regulations on trucker hours and truck maintenance.  We know the tricks that trucking companies use to get around these rules, and what to say to a court and a jury to get you the compensation you need.

Why Use a Truck Accident Attorney?

If you have been in an accident with a truck, go to an attorney that specifically focuses on truck accidents.  There are lawyers out there that generally practice in personal injury, and other attorneys that focus on car accidents.  These attorneys may know what compensation you need for your injuries, but they miss out on half the issue.

The entire point of hiring a truck accident lawyer is because you were injured by the trucking industry.  The Reiff Law Firm’s The Truck Accident Team focuses its attention specifically on truck accident cases, because there are so many special rules regarding truckers, truck maintenance, and trucking.  Not just any attorney knows how these cases work, but our experience fighting against the trucking industry has shown us the unique elements involved in truck accident cases.

Our Tactics

Because we focus on fighting against trucking companies, we have a few tactics that we use against truck drivers and trucking companies.  These tactics are not all common outside truck accidents, so regular personal injury lawyers or car accident lawyers might not be familiar with them:

“Black Boxes” and Technical Equipment

When it comes to piecing together evidence and proving your case, many facts await inside the “Black Boxes,” or event data recorders (EDRs), on each commercial truck.  Much like those found on airplanes, these boxes contain vital data, including how fast the trucks were traveling and how long they maintained that speed.  In one case, our team discovered a truck was going as fast as 105 miles per hour before a crash.  Other on-board systems in trucks give similar information, and we have experience using those systems in building our cases.

Cell Phone Evidence

Cell phones are valuable evidence tools.  Text messages and phone logs can reveal whether the driver was paying attention during the crash.  Internet history can show whether drivers were researching how to bypass truck safety or anti-speeding systems.  GPS data also helps determine a trucks speed and whether the driver took breaks or skipped weigh-stations.

We Use Trucking Experts

Sometimes, in order to prove your case to a jury, we need to use experts.  That means hiring experts who have experience and knowledge in the trucking industry to help build a convincing case.  Sometimes that also means bringing in scientists and engineers – or even truck drivers – to help get you the biggest pay-out.

Trucking Regulations

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is responsible for writing rules that govern how long truckers can work, how long trucks can run, what kind of maintenance they need, and weight limits for trucks.  We know these rules, unlike regular personal injury attorneys or car accident attorneys.  Knowledge of these rules helps us convince a jury of why the trucking company is responsible for your injuries, on top of the truck driver’s responsibility.

When you hire attorneys like ours at the Reiff Law Firm’s The Truck Accident Team, you know you are getting a lawyer with the right kind of experience.  You would not see a foot doctor for a heart problem, so why would you see a slip and fall lawyer for a truck accident?  We make sure that our attorneys’ experience an abilities match the needs of our clients, and only give them quality representation.

“I was treated with respect.  If I was confused, they explained everything in detail.  Any questions I had, they would get back to me right away.  They were there for me.”

Choosing the Right Lawyer

When you and your family are fighting to regain your life, health, and livelihood after a devastating trucking accident, you can’t risk working with an attorney who doesn’t have the experience, resources, or ingenuity for the tough battle ahead.

Any attorney can make a solid first impression, but it’s what happens after the first meeting that matters the most.  Truck accident litigation is never straightforward, and there is no magic formula for success.  Every case is different, but that does not mean that an attorney goes into each case fresh.  Good attorneys take their experiences of similar situations and put them toward making other cases work.

What Should I Look for In an Attorney?

The right attorney will have all of the following:

  • Decades of experience in truck accident litigation
  • Deep knowledge and understanding of the complicated regulations that govern the trucking industry
  • A solid history of client satisfaction
  • The resources to hire the right experts to help support your case
  • An understanding of the unique medical and emotional challenges that truck accident victims face
  • An entirely contingency-based fee – they don’t get paid a penny until you win

You’ll find that the Reiff Law Firm’s The Truck Accident Team has everything you need.

Most of our attorneys have over thirty years of experience in the law.  Even our newer attorneys were trained at some of the top law schools in their states and have solid skills and experience to handle a truck accident case.

Many truck accident cases cannot be proven without using experts in their fields to help a jury understand a case.  We hire whatever expert we need to get your case won.  That could include scientists, engineers, experts in the trucking industry, doctors, medical specialists, and even other truckers to show a jury how and why the trucker in your case was at fault.

Our lawyers work on a contingency fee – that means that we do not make any money until you win your case.  On top of that, according to legal ethics rules, we can only get paid what is fair for our work on your case.  That plus the contingency fee means we only get paid what we deserve.  Plus, if you do not win, we do not get paid – which means we want you to win just as much as you do.

Money is only part of the issue.  You want an attorney who will stand in your corner and fight for you.  the Reiff Law Firm’s The Truck Accident Team is entirely made-up of those kinds of lawyers.  While trucking companies may be fighting for a quick and cheap resolution, our lawyers will not budge until we get you what you deserve.

Find a Partner in Justice

You are hurt, you are likely grieving and angry.  The health and emotional needs of you and your family might seem overwhelming.  You may face a mountain of obstacles to maintain your family’s standard of living in the face of lost wages, medical bills, and the struggle of dealing with insurance.

With an experienced truck victim attorney, your burden will feel much lighter.  The Truck Accident Team understands just how traumatic a collision with a truck can be because we’ve been working with truck accident victims for more than three decades.  With us as your partner in justice:

  • You will have specialized help making tough decisions and handling your insurance and medical issues.
  • You will feel comfortable calling us at any time of day, on any day of the year.
  • You will never feel in the dark about your case.
  • You will be treated with the utmost respect and dignity.

Our job is to work with you to get you the compensation you deserve.

What Can Our Attorneys Do for You?

Without an attorney on your side, you are stuck at the mercy of whatever settlement offers the insurance companies or the trucking company makes.  That might mean taking far less than you deserve.

With an attorney on your side, we can work to get you every penny you deserve.  That means negotiating with insurance and trucking companies to get them to pay what you need.  That might also mean going to court.

Ultimately, most cases do settle outside of court – but with an attorney, you can be sure you are getting a good value for your case.  If we do take your case to court, you can rest assured that our legal team will make winning a priority.

We are looking for clients all over the country who need partners in justice to help them in their truck accident case.  If you or a loved one has been injured or died in an accident with a tractor-trailer, get the Reiff Law Firm’s The Truck Accident Team on your side.  Call (800) 896-6173 for a consultation.