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When you work with us, you’ll discover what makes The Reiff Law Firm truly different. It’s passion for righting terrible wrongs. It’s for taking care of people when they have suffered from someone else’s negligence or corporate wrongdoing.

Our entire firm works to make sure you are OK emotionally, mentally, and physically, as well as legally and financially. That’s why so many of our clients call us their friend (or even family!) when all is said and done.


Jeffrey Reiff

“There are some people who come into your life and stay for a day. Then theres Jeffrey Reiff, who from the moment I met him made me feel at ease, comfortable and as if I'd known him all my life. He is a man of Honor, Integrity, and is full of passion for what he does.”

Robert Szostak

“Robert was there to guide me through a very difficult time. What started out as a time for me that included a lot of doubt, questions and hopelessness has turned into one of a hopeful future. The team at the Reiff Law Firm made me feel at ease and I had no doubts trusting them with various concerns.”

John Toczydlowski

“I was able to get treatment from my doctor without worrying about the legal stuff. Furthermore, two years later the case was settled for a substantial amount of money. My life was much better due to the firm handling of my case.”