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Philadelphia Attorney for Injuries Caused by Objects in Your Food

When you bite down into food from a restaurant or prepackaged food from the grocery store, you expect everything in the bite to be safe to eat. In some cases, you might find bones or tough bits of vegetable peel in your food, and that could put you off your dinner, but more serious injuries and illness could occur if you find other foreign objects that could be dangerous or inedible in your food.

If you were eating at a restaurant and discovered a foreign object in your food or found dangerous foreign objects in precooked food, you might be entitled to sue for any injuries you suffered and the emotional distress of the experience. For a free legal consultation on your case, call the Reiff Law Firm today. Our Philadelphia attorneys for injuries caused by objects in your food might be able to take your case and fight to get you compensation from the restaurant or food manufacturer that allowed you to be injured or sickened by your food. For your free legal consultation, call (215) 709-6940 today.

Suing for Foreign Objects Found in Your Food in Philadelphia

When you are served food at a restaurant or when you purchase pre-prepared food at a grocery store or convenience store, there is an expectation that the people that cooked the food made it safe to eat. Kitchen staff and wait staff should be properly trained in food safety, and restaurant and food production inspections should ensure that the food is safe to eat. Many eaters learn the hard way that the training and inspection processes are often flawed, and many restaurants and food producers have issues involving objects that fall into the food or end up making people sick or causing them distress.

Objects found in food usually fall into one of the following categories. Depending on the harm you suffer, you might be entitled to sue the restaurant or the food distributor that produced the food that injured you:

Hairs and Other Food Safety Hazards

If you find a hair in your food, you could be so repulsed by it that you might become physically ill or suffer emotional distress from the incident. In some cases, this can involve substantial emotional distress that could potentially affect you for a long time, but in many cases the damages are not severe enough to warrant a lawsuit. However, other items falling into food could do more than gross you out, and they could actually make you sick or cause substantial distress. Many of these objects constitute food safety hazards that could lead to lawsuits.

Undercooked Food

If you ordered a dish and pieces of the food within the dish were undercooked or raw, you could be made ill by unknowingly eating it. Additionally, the experience of biting into raw or undercooked food could be traumatic. While some foods are of course meant to be eaten raw and are advertised as such, foods like chicken or certain vegetables should not usually be served raw and could cause illness or injury.

Metal, Wood, and Plastic

Bits of metal, wood, and plastic sometimes fall off of cooking utensils such as wooden spoons or cleaning tools such as pot scrubbers. In industrial food production facilities, these bits could come from other sources such as shipping and storage containers. If these bits of material get into your food, you could face injuries to the mouth and face when you bite into the food. If you end up swallowing the food, you could suffer serious internal injuries from the sharp edges of the wood, plastic, or metal. This kind of injury could even happen if you swallowed a toothpick that was hidden inside the food instead of sticking out in a visible location. In some cases, this could require surgery and medical treatment to repair, leading to substantial expenses.

Meat in Vegan and Vegetarian Food

Especially with the rise in plant-based “meat” products, many consumers who are vegan or vegetarian face issues of finding meat and meat products in supposedly meatless meals. If a dish was advertised as vegetarian or vegan but you later learn that it contained meat, you could be made ill after a long period of not eating meat, or you might face other injuries or emotional distress that could lead to damages.

Food Allergy Cross-Contamination

If your food contained an ingredient that you were allergic to, you might be able to sue the restaurant or food producers. Many restaurants have policies that require their servers to ask about food allergies and encourage patrons to tell them about food allergies before ordering. If you do have an allergy and did warn the waiter but later received contaminated food anyway, you might be entitled to sue the restaurant. If you were sent to the hospital in anaphylactic shock, you could face serious injuries and emotional distress that require compensation.

Pests and Droppings

One of the most disgusting things that could be found in food is evidence of animal feces or insects. While some restaurants might intentionally serve insects as edible food, it is completely unacceptable to find a pest such as a cockroach or the feces of pests like rats and mice in your food. Not only can these objects make you ill, they can also cause extreme emotional distress.

Damages for Dangerous or Unwanted Items Found in Food in Philadelphia

While you might not like to find hairs or undercooked pieces of steak in your food, these issues rarely cause illness or injury. However, if you find another item in your food that does physically injure you or cause illness, you might be entitled to sue for the harm you faced. Lawsuits against an eatery or food manufacturer that supplied dangerous food can often cover the medical expenses to treat the injuries to your mouth or internal injuries caused by the dangerous food, plus you might be entitled to damages for the physical pain and emotional or mental anguish of the incident. Your lawsuit could also include damages for ongoing and future distress. Additionally, if you had to miss work because of your illness or injury, you might also be entitled to compensation for lost wages.

Talk to an attorney about what your case might be worth before accepting any money from the at-fault restaurant or food manufacturer.

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If you were injured because food that you purchased at a restaurant or grocery store contained dangerous objects or contaminated food, contact the Reiff Law Firm today. Our Philadelphia attorneys for injuries caused by objects in your food might be able to help you and your loved ones get compensation from dangerous restaurants and food manufacturers responsible for your injuries. For your free case consultation, call us today at (215) 709-6940.