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    Indoor waterparks are a form of entertainment which many Pennsylvania residents may invite their friends and family to indulge in during the summer. Indoor waterparks are generally safe for patrons and it is not often that someone is injured either by a park attraction or dangerous condition at a waterpark. Deciding what course of action you should take after sustaining an injury at an indoor waterpark is crucial if you wish to file a lawsuit.

    Sustaining a serious injury at an indoor waterpark may adversely impact you or your loved ones in various ways. You could accumulate thousands of dollars in medical bills and miss out on future wages due to your injuries which could put you or your family in tight positions. The Pennsylvania indoor waterpark lawyers at The Reiff Law Firm know what you are going through and are here to guide you to a resolution to your case which gets you the compensation you deserve. To receive a free, no-obligation consultation, contact us today at (215) 709-6940.

    What to Do After Suffering an Injury at an Indoor Waterpark

    Being injured due to a malfunctioning waterpark attraction may be painful and frightening, but you must take certain actions to better bolster your case if you seek to file suit for your injuries.

    The first step you should take when injured at an indoor waterpark is to get medical treatment. This is a vital step in your recovery and helps build important evidence.

    Next, document your injury, specifically where and how it happened. For example, if you were injured while sliding down a waterslide you should take pictures of the waterslide from various angles and write down exactly how you were injured by using it. Of course, it may be difficult to document your injury and interview witnesses immediately after suffering a serious injury, but enlisting the aid of the family or friends you came with to do this is okay as well.

    If you believe the injury was caused by an employee error or a design defect on one of the waterpark attractions make sure to document that as well.

    The next step you want to take after being injured is to find and ask to interview any people who may have witnessed your injury and how it happened. It is important to gather witnesses who can confirm your allegations. You can use a friend or a family member as a witness, but using a party who has no interest in the case will help more.

    After you have documented the injury and where it happened and interviewed witnesses, you should notify the indoor waterpark management of your injuries. This may result in receiving a call from the park’s insurance company who will seek to learn who is at fault for the accident. At this point, requesting the help of an experienced lawyer is vital.

    Types of Indoor Waterpark Injuries Our Personal Injury Attorneys Handle

    Due to the several attractions at indoor waterparks, and the many new attractions being built every day, the kinds of injuries sustained at an indoor waterpark can vary from minor to serious or fatal. Injuries can also happen when patrons are simply roaming the park, and they are not always foreseeable. Here are some of the types of injuries our personal injury attorneys handle:

    • Slip and fall injuries
    • Injuries caused by bacterial infections
    • Bone fractures or broken bones
    • Head and brain injuries
    • Back and spinal cord injuries
    • Joint injuries
    • Lacerations

    These are just some of the injuries which occur at indoor waterparks and is not an exclusive list of things you can sue an indoor waterpark for.

    Who is Liable for an Indoor Waterpark Injuries?

    Patrons who visit an indoor waterpark are considered an invitee for the purposes of a personal injury lawsuit. An invitee is a party who enters onto a landowner’s property to bestow a benefit to that landowner. A landowner, the owner of the indoor waterpark, has a duty to discover any dangerous conditions at their park and resolve that issue so that a patron is not hurt by it.

    To show that the owner of an indoor waterpark is liable for the injuries, a party needs to show that:

    • The indoor waterpark owners owed you a duty;
    • That the owners of the waterpark breached that duty to you as a result of their negligence;
    • Their breach caused your injuries; and
    • You suffered actual harm as a result of the accident.

    An employer, like a waterpark, can usually be held liable for its employees’ negligence. There is no requirement that the manager or owner directly harmed you for you to sue the waterpark.

    Our Pennsylvania Indoor Waterpark Injury Attorneys Can Help

    Going through the process of handling an injury from an indoor waterpark can be stressful. That is why it is important that you contact a Philadelphia indoor waterpark injury attorney. The indoor waterpark attorneys at The Reiff Law Firm are ready to assist you by investigating your injury as thoroughly as possible, interviewing witnesses, and providing sound legal strategies to guide you and your family through your personal injury case as smoothly as we can.

    With law offices located in Center City, Philadelphia, The Reiff Law Firm handles indoor waterpark lawsuits throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey, including Berks County, Bucks County, Lehigh County, Montgomery County, and Northampton County. For a free legal consultation, contact The Reiff Law Firm online, or call our law offices at (215) 709-6940.

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