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Can You Sue if You were Passenger in a Motorcycle Accident in Pennsylvania?

A fun ride on the back of a motorcycle with a friend or a family member could quickly turn tragic if the cyclist loses control or is struck by another vehicle. If you experience a severe injury, you will find yourself with medical bills and lost time at work. Both the motorcyclist and passenger are usually equally affected by a crash. However, the passenger does not always consider filing a lawsuit to recover their damages. The Reiff Law Firm represents passengers as well as motorcyclists. Below, our Philadelphia motorcycle accident attorney explains what rights a passenger has after being injured in a crash.

Suing for Compensation for Injured Passengers in a Pennsylvania Motorcycle Accident

Like any other motorcyclist or driver, a passenger on a motorcycle is entitled to seek compensation for the losses they suffer due to being a victim of an accident. A passenger on a motorcycle is likely to experience the same physical trauma that the bike operator does. However, because the accident involved a motorcycle, it could be complicated to obtain a fair recovery. Our experienced Pennsylvania motorcycle accident attorney understands the challenges presented in such a case.

If you are involved in a motorcycle accident as a passenger, you could be facing several difficult decisions. The severity of injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident often results in significant medical expenses and lost income. Unfortunately, to be compensated for your damages might mean suing your friend or family member. Because of this challenging situation, you need our sympathetic

Single Motorcycle Crashes and Liability for Passenger Injuries in Pennsylvania

Many motorcycle accidents do not involve any other vehicles. These one-vehicle accidents often place the passenger in an awkward situation. They are still entitled to seek compensation for their injuries. However, they might be required to file a lawsuit against the operator of the bike. Unfortunately, this is typically a friend or a family member.

Your friend or family member will usually not purposefully risk your health and life when operating their motorcycle. However, there are situations when a cyclist will make a poor decision or drive recklessly to show off their skill and the power of their bike. A common cause of an accident involving one motorcycle is losing control due to excessive speed. The speed the vehicle is traveling is usually directly related to the severity of the injuries suffered.

As with any other negligent case, the injured person must prove that the motorcyclist’s reckless conduct caused the accident. The Pennsylvania motorcycle accident attorneys at the Reiff Law Firm are sympathetic to the difficulties involved with suing a friend or family member. Still, you should not have to be responsible for all the medical expenses and other costs associated with your injuries, especially if the injuries are serious or result in permanent disability.

Damages for Passengers in Motorcycle Accidents Caused by Other Drivers in Pennsylvania

Many motorcycle accidents occur when the motorcyclist does nothing wrong. Under these circumstances, the driver who caused the accident could be held accountable for any injuries. Our Chester County motorcycle accident attorney will still have to establish that the other driver is legally liable.

There are a number of contributing causes to a motorcycle accident involving other vehicles. A motorcycle has a much smaller profile on the road, so if a driver is distracted for even a moment, they might not be able to see the smaller vehicle. Texting and driving places every other motorist on the road in danger. The risk to motorcyclists and their passengers is increased because of the size and lack of protection provided by their vehicle. Additionally, any reckless or aggressive driving unreasonably increases the chance of a collision with a motorcycle.

Passenger Injuries for Motorcycle Accidents Caused by Debris and Dangerous Roads in Pennsylvania

Motorcycles are more susceptible to road conditions than other vehicles. A small piece of debris that does not affect a car could prove catastrophic for a motorcycle operator and their passenger. If a construction crew leaves tools or other rubble on the road surface, a motorcycle could experience a devastating accident. In other cases, a municipality could allow a stretch of roadway to fall into dangerous disrepair. Our experienced Pennsylvania motorcycle accident attorney will thoroughly investigate your accident to determine who could be held liable.

Motorcycle Accidents Caused by Defective Parts or a Malfunctioning Bike in Pennsylvania

If the accident was caused by a defective part or a poorly designed motorcycle, the passenger could have a products liability claim against the manufacturer of the bike. An advantage to a products liability lawsuit is the injured passenger does not have to prove negligence or fault – only that the defect existed and caused the accident. Our Pennsylvania products liability attorney will examine the possibility that the motorcycle itself contributed to the accident.

Call Our Pennsylvania Motorcycle Accident if Your Where Injured as a Passenger

Motorcycle accidents are often catastrophic for the cyclist. If you were a passenger on a motorcycle that lost control or was hit by another vehicle, you are just as likely to suffer a devastating injury. You deserve to be compensated for your injuries, whether that is from another driver or the motorcyclist. Our Philadelphia motorcycle and car accident lawyers understand the challenges of litigation arising from a motorcycle crash, especially if you were a passenger on the back of a friend or family member’s bike. Call the Reiff Law Firm to schedule a free consultation (215) 709-6940.


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