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Bucks County Trucking Accident Attorneys

Despite being governed by a litany of federal and state regulations, many 18-wheelers and other commercial trucks pose a serious danger on roadways in Pennsylvania and across the nation. While the sheer size, weight and lack of maneuverability of large commercial trucks may account for some unavoidable risk, negligence by drivers and failure to abide by the regulations by trucking companies and common carriers causes many serious accidents as well.

If a truck accident has caused you or a family member serious injury — or resulted in a tragic, unexpected death — our attorneys and professional support team are here to help. You more than likely have many questions about how to proceed. At The Reiff Law Firm, we are a team of compassionate and experienced truck accident attorneys who will help you get through this difficult time. Our attorneys are aggressive in representing victims throughout the nation and have been successful in making sure our clients are taken care of and compensated for all of their losses. These frequently asked questions are here to give you a place to start. Don’t feel alone, our lawyers are here to protect your rights and ensure that you obtain the compensation you rightfully deserve.

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What is a Commercial Truck?

A commercial truck is a vehicle used to transport commercial goods.

What Should You Do if You Have Been Injured in an Accident with a Truck?

  1. Take pictures of everything at the scene of the accident.
  2. Get the truck driver’s information (driver’s license number, license plate number and insurance information) as well as a description of the truck.
  3. If your injuries were serious enough that you were transported directly to the hospital, keep all hospital records to show to your truck accident attorney.
  4. Make sure a police report is filed.
  5. Report the accident to your insurance company.
  6. Meet with a skilled truck accident lawyer who will guide you through the difficult process ahead.
  7. Have an appointment with a medical doctor concerning your injuries and keep records.
  8. Do not talk to the trucking company’s claims adjuster or sign anything.
  9. Do not admit fault.

If You are Injured in a Truck Accident, the Expenses can be Significant

Each case is unique as there are many types of truck accidents and many laws, both federal and state, that the driver and the trucking company have to follow. Our experts will investigate each case individually. Depending on who is at fault and the degree of fault (even if you are partially at-fault you will still recover a percentage of your losses), you will be able to recover losses for:

  • Medical expenses;
  • Loss of income (present and future);
  • Emotional and physical pain and suffering;
  • Loss of quality of life;
  • Loss of companionship; and
  • Funeral expenses (in the case of a death).

How Do I Know if I Need an Attorney?

If you or a loved one has been injured in a collision with a commercial truck, you need an attorney. Auto accident laws are very complex and trucking companies have insurance companies who hire adjusters that want to “settle” or deny your claim so that they pay as little as possible without fully investigating your losses. The injuries that you may have are often not immediately apparent. Our team of compassionate attorneys will make sure that you receive proper medical care, not only now, but in the future if necessary.

Our experienced truck crash lawyers will investigate your accident and preserve evidence before the trucking company has a chance to alter or destroy it. You will not be put at a disadvantage by a large corporation; you will have your own team of investigators. All details of the accident will be analyzed and evaluated to ensure that the responsible parties are held accountable for your losses.

Our Attorneys Can Help to Expose the Truth and Make Your Case

Applying decades of experience in catastrophic personal injury cases, our experienced lawyers and investigators go the extra distance to uncover key factors in trucking accident and other auto crash cases, such as negligence in:

  • Securing loads to prevent breakaways and falling debris
  • Screening and background-checking of drivers for substance abuse, sleep apnea, prior driving violations and other problems
  • Properly maintaining vehicles — including critical components such as brakes and lights — and securing legitimate, required inspection certificates

The probable severity of injuries and other consequences of a trucking accident, together with the extensive resources of corporate defendants and insurers, can make it critical for you to find proven, respected legal representation. Our attorneys bring strategic knowledge gained in their collective experience handling thousands of catastrophic injury and wrongful death cases to bear on your case — substantially turning the odds of success with your valid claim in your favor.

We will work tirelessly to make sure that you are compensated for all of your losses. If you have any further questions concerning your truck accident case, call our offices for a free consultation at (215) 246-9000.